#MondayMusings – Research Junkie


If research was a drug, I would totally be a junkie. I am obsessed with it and I could get lost in it for hours. And I have many, many times. Sometimes the research is brief. Other times, it is extensive and takes days or even weeks to complete. I don’t mind the hours of dedication though. I would much rather have something well researched than to find out later I’d made a serious mistake.

Lately, my research has been on Film Noir for an upcoming project in March. I’ve been watching old Film Noir movies for a couple of weeks now trying to get down the essence of what Noir really is. Dark. Suspenseful. Twisted situations. Mysterious characters.

I think I get it. I hope I will be able to translate all of that into the written word. I really want my story to be a success. It will be a month-long project, a serial story, a WhoDunIt type of mystery. I’ve never taken on a project like this before and it a real challenge for me as a writer.

Are you obsessed about something? Do you feel like a junkie because of your obsession? Share your thoughts with me in comments.


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