Saturday 9: Tammy (1957)

Saturday 9: Tammy (1957)
In celebration of Debbie Reynolds

Unfamiliar with this week’s song? Hear it here.

1. In this song,Tammy sings of being able to hear “the breeze from the bayou.” What sounds can you hear as you answer these questions?

Nothing so poetic. Mumblings from my brother’s tv upstairs. The hum of my white noise machine. 

2. This week’s song was the theme of a popular movie about a girl who grew up on a houseboat in Mississippi. Looking back on 2016, did you spend much time on or around water?

I spent zero time around water in 2016, which is highly unusual for me. Normally, I find a lake or river somewhere to spend some quiet time in the Spring and Summer. Maybe this is why 2016 seemed like such a disconnected year for me.

3. In addition to being an Oscar-nominated actress, this week’s artist, Debbie Reynolds, was a big movie fan. She amassed an amazing cache of movie memorabilia. Do you collect anything?

DVDs of my favorite movies and shows, normally due to the actors in them. I have all of Richard Gere, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, and Angelina Jolie’s movies. I also have all of the Babylon 5 shows and movies. All of the Star Trek shows and movies. All of the Marvel movies, and all of the Batman movies. I have the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies. The Matrix trilogy. And all of the Harry Potter movies. I have limited space, so I have to choose my DVD collection wisely and only get those that I feel are most important to me. I also collect Stephen King, Orson Scott Card and Kim Stanley Robinson books. As well as books of poetry by my favorite poets. And the only other things I collect are crystals and stones. I used to collect tons of other things – swans, ravens and witches figurines; 60s & 70s Gothic novels, and tarot decks. I had to leave all of those behind in Oklahoma when I moved back to Virginia because I knew I wouldn’t have the space for them.

4. Though she never won a competitive Oscar for acting, Debbie Reynolds was awarded the Academy’s Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award earlier this year for 60 years of charity work. While she supported many causes throughout her life, one she was closest to was The Girl Scouts. She was not only a Scout herself, she was a leader when daughter Carrie was young and a fundraiser throughout her life. Were you ever in Boy or Girl Scouts?

No. The closest I came to anything like that was the 4-H Club for a year when I was a kid.

6. The New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrations in both Disney World in Florida and Sydney, Australia coordinate pyrotechnics and music. Are you expecting either fireworks or live music on your New Year’s Eve celebration?

Definitely not. I don’t do loud noises well. It will be a quiet evening here at home, doing some writing and drinking some spiked eggnog.

7. According to the National Insurance Bureau, more cars are stolen on New Year’s Eve than any other single day. Are you confident your vehicle(s) will be  safe and sound this Saturday night?

*laughs* I don’t own a car, but my dad has an old pick-up. I doubt seriously anyone would want that. Besides, we live in a small town with hardly any crimes (except drug-related, sadly that is everywhere).

8. Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for 2017?

I don’t do resolutions. Instead, I choose a word a year to concentrate on. My word this year is ENGAGE.

9. Looking back on 2016, what surprised you?

That Donald Trump won the Presidency. Seriously, I am beyond disbelief. And that Prince, David Bowie, George Michaels, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds died. I am still heart-broken.

Saturday 9: What Hurts the Most (2006)



Saturday 9: What Hurts the Most (2006)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) What hurts Sam the most is her sole, since she just found that earring she thought was lost by stepping on it with her bare foot. How about you? Any aches and pains to report?

At the moment, both of my feet are in pain. Burning and nerve-twitching from neuropathy.

2) What’s the last thing you misplaced? Did you find it?

My blood pressure meter. Nope, it is still missing. I’ve searched everywhere for it. Finally had to borrow my brother’s meter.

3) Lead singer Gary LeVox sings that he’s not afraid to cry. When is the last time you shed a tear?

Tuesday night when I watched NCIS and had to say goodbye to the character Tony DiNozzo.

4) Gary auditioned for another country group, Little Big Town, but didn’t get in. Considering how successful Rascal Flatts has been, he’s probably not sorry. Tell us about something you thought you wanted, but later weren’t so sure.

This happens to me almost every time I want chocolate. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love chocolate and crave it often, but after I eat it, I know my blood sugar will go sky-high and I will regret it. I’m sure this doesn’t really answer the question, but it’s all I’ve got.

5) The country group has their roots in Columbus, Ohio. What else is Ohio known for?

Botched election tallies? I really don’t know much about Ohio.

6) Lead guitarist Joe Don Rooney married model and former Miss Georgia, Tiffany Fallon. Many major pageants give prizes in the talent, congeniality and swimsuit competitions. Would you prefer to have exceptional skills, a great personality, or a terrific body?

Exceptional skills. Looks and personality are so over-rated.

7) 2006, the year this song was popular, was a very good one for tennis pro Roger Federer. He reached the finals in all four Grand Slam tournaments, and won three. What’s the last game you won? (Yes, Words with Friends counts.)

Rummy, a couple of months ago. As a general rule due to traumatic events regarding games, I rarely play them. Cards now and again, but that’s it.

8) Actor Tony Shalhoub won an Emmy in 2006 for his portrayal of detective Adrian Monk on Monk. Who’s your favorite TV detective?

Sherlock Holmes as portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch on the BBC show, Sherlock.

9) Random question … You’ve just won an all-expenses-paid trip but now you have to choose: Carnivale in Brazil, the Bordeaux Wine Festival in France, or the Running of the Bulls in Spain?

I don’t do carnivals and I think the running of the bulls is just madness, so I guess that leaves me with the Bordeaux Wine Festival in France. It’s a good thing I love wine.

Saturday 9: Fool on the Hill (1967)

beatles usif15118
Unfamiliar with today’s song? We can’t help you. The YouTube copyright police have removed the Beatles’ version.

1) Friday was April Fool’s Day. Did you pull any pranks? Did anyone put anything over on you? I didn’t and usually don’t. Thankfully, no one pranked me either.

2) The practice of playing tricks on one another on April 1 dates back at least to the 14th century and Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales includes a mention of it. Geoffrey Chaucer has been called England’s greatest poet. Quote a bit of poetry for us. (It doesn’t have to be English, or great.) I collect poetry with the word “bone” in it. Here is a favorite of mine:


3) Beatle Paul is a huge Elvis fan and is happy to own the bass that was played on Elvis’ 1954 recording of “That’s All Right, Mama.” Tell us about one of your prized possessions. My Prince collection. I’ve been collecting his music since 1979. I have vinyl, cassettes, CDs and all of his movies. I also have several posters and magazines where he appears on the cover. And the highlight of my collection is a concert ticket when I saw him in concert Wilmington NC back in 1997.

4) In contrast to his easygoing persona, Sir Paul has been described by former band mate Ringo Starr as strong willed and “determined to get his own way.” Do you consider yourself strong willed and determined? Or are you more easy going? I am fairly easy going unless someone ruffles my feathers.

5) The Beatles once bought a Greek island, planning to live and record there, but sold it after a few months because it started to seem like a bad, expensive idea. Tell us about a purchase that gave you buyer’s remorse. That only happened when I bought shoes online. I never got a pair that fit right. I’ve learned to only buy them when I can try them on.

6) Legend has it that the Beatles officially broke up in Disney World. John Lennon was staying at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort when he received and signed the court papers that dissolved the group. Have you ever conducted business while on vacation? Not really business, but I did working holidays while in college for Spring breaks, usually preparing for finals.

7) George Harrison loved puttering around in the garden and dedicated his autobiography to “gardeners everywhere.” Do you have a green thumb? I do. I can usually get everything to grow for me but ivy.

8) Ringo regrets not having saved more Beatles memorabilia, which he realizes now would be worth a fortune. Are you a pack rat?  Not really. I have collections of a few things like books, anything with a raven on it, some music and dvd collections.

9) Random question: Which do you prefer, Girl Scout cookies or Boy Scout popcorn? Neither – diabetic, so I cannot have the GS cookies. Can’t eat popcorn because the kernels always get stuck in my teeth.

Saturday 9: I Don’t Know How to Love Him (1971)


Saturday 9: I Don’t Know How to Love Him (1971)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is from Jesus Christ, Superstar. Though now a beloved classic, the play was controversial when it first premiered. Can you think of something else that originally made people uncomfortable, but went on to be accepted? My parents would say Rock-n-Roll, but from my era, it was Gothic. It has become so mainstream now that I no longer even consider myself Gothic.

2) Jesus Christ, Superstar was originally developed as a “concept album,” a collection of songs written to sequentially tell the story of The Crucifixion and Resurrection. Do you remember the first album you bought? Did you download it, listen to it on a CD player, your cassette deck, or record player? *laughs* the very first album that I bought with my own money was a Neil Diamond 8-track. Hot August Night. Yes, I am that old.

3) When the album’s songs were performed live in concert at the Pennsylvania Civic Arena, producers decided to stage it as a play and the rest, as they say, is history. Tell us about a really good idea you’ve had recently. Well, I don’t know if it was such a good idea now, but back in December, I decided to dedicate myself to a year of continuous writing. So I planned out a writing project for every month this year. What I forgot to do was plan out a few days off each month. I will let you know if it was a really good idea or the worst one I’ve ever had by the end of December.

4) Jesus Christ, Superstar is a truly international phenomenon. During a revival tour that began in 2011, it’s been a hit with audiences in the United States, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Brazil, Hungary, India, New Zealand, Italy, France, Mexico, Chile, Bulgaria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Australia, The Philippines, South Africa, Panama, Colombia, Croatia, Bolivia, The Netherlands and Portugal. Besides the United States, which of those countries have you visited? I’ve never been out of the US. For that matter, I’ve never been further west than OK, further east than NY or further south than Georgia.

5) Peeps are big sellers every Easter. Would you rather have yellow chicks or pink bunnies? Purple chicks. Yes, they do make them purple now. My favorite thing to do is cut open the package and leave them setting out for about a week until they get good and stale. Then I devour them *bigcheesygrin*

6) Jelly beans are also popular this time of year. One theory says they were introduced in Boston during the 19th century. What else comes to mind when you think of Boston? Their accent. I don’t think they are really Americans!

7) We’ve been talking a lot about sweets this morning. The only holiday that generates more candy sales is Halloween. When do you eat more candy: Easter or Halloween? Definitely during Halloween.

8) Easter lilies will adorn many churches this Sunday. What’s your favorite flower? Magnolia blossom

9) Easter is considered the season of rebirth. What makes you feel refreshed or rejuvenated? Meditation

Saturday 9: See You Later, Alligator (1956)


Saturday 9: See You Later, Alligator (1956)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) Crazy Sam’s mother is terrified of alligators. Just looking at a photo of one of those scaly reptiles gives her the creeps. Is there a member of the animal kingdom that scares you? I can honestly say that there is nothing in the animal, insect, reptile or arachnid kingdom that scares me.

2) Gators are carnivores, but they aren’t picky. If meat isn’t handy, they’ll munch on fruit. Are you particular about your diet? For example, do you try to eat gluten free, low sodium, etc.? I eat a low carb, healthy fats diet – no sugar, no starch, no processed foods

3) In Spain, this song was a hit under the title, “Hasta Luego, Cocodrilo.” Say something else in Spanish. Cabron! literally it means “little goat,” but it is also cursing in Spanish. I will let you look up the slang.

4) When this week’s artist, Bill Haley, was a little boy, he made a guitar out of cardboard and pretended to play that until his parents got him a real one. Tell us about something you wanted so badly when you were a kid. Books, lots and lots of them. I still do.

5) Early in his career, Bill did whatever it took to get the gig. When singing cowboys were popular, the Michigan native pretended to be a cowpoke and renamed himself, “Silver Yodeling Bill.” Have you ever fudged on your resume or fibbed in an interview? I lied once about how fast I could type and that I knew Excel. Neither would be a lie now as I am quite proficient in both.

6) When his career was going well, Bill was generous and loved to give extravagant parties at his home, which he called Melody Manor. Do you enjoy playing the host? Only for small gatherings. Anymore than 10 people and I become a wallflower.

7) Bill was blind in one eye, the result of a botched operation when he was a child. Since the blind eye wandered and didn’t focus, he always wore a curl over the opposite eye, hoping to draw everyone’s attention to the other side of his face. What is there about your appearance that leaves you self conscious? My teeth, so I rarely smile

8) On the other hand, what is it about your appearance that pleases you, and that you would never change? my legs.. although I am only 5’5″ my legs are long and shapely.

9) In 1956, when this song was a hit, Elvis Presley exploded onto the music scene and displaced Bill as rock’s top artist. The press and public assumed Bill was jealous of Elvis, but in reality he liked Elvis a great deal. Are you jealous by nature? Not really. I don’t covet other people’s stuff or lives. I am too much of a loner and an individual for that. I do get envious now and again, but I don’t allow it to cloud my judgement.

Saturday 9: The Theme from Love Story (1970)

Saturday 9: The Theme from Love Story (1970)

In honor of Valentine’s Day. Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) The very popular tagline for this movie is, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Here’s your chance to rewrite it. “Love means _____________________.”

Love means allowing your partner to be his/her authentic self. To not put on pretenses. To not have to walk around on eggshells. To be whomever he or she chooses to be.

2) The movie was famous for a montage of the lovers frolicking in the snow. Do you enjoy sledding, skating, skiing, snowball fights, snowmen, etc.? Or do you just want spring to hurry up and get here?

I love the snow, but I enjoy it best before all of the frolicking begins. I love to watch it fall, blanketing the world in white. But most of all, I love the silence that comes with it.

3) In the movie, Oliver asks his father for $5,000. The money is required for wife Jenny’s hospital treatment, but Oliver is too proud to tell his father why he needs it. Adjusted for inflation, $5,000 in 1970 is $30,000 today. How much would you be willing to lend a friend or family member without knowing the reason?

Oh wow, this is a tough question. I don’t have much to give and I guess it would depend on how close the friendship was and how well I trusted the family member. If it was a close and trusting relationship, I would give everything I had.

4) In the movie, Jenny is the daughter of a baker who owns a little shop in Cranston, Rhode Island. Think of the last baked goods you consumed. Were they home made? Did you buy them from a bakery, the grocery store, or a coffee shop, like Starbucks?

It’s been ages since I’ve had baked goods. I guess the last ones I had were Krispy Kreme donuts. They bring back such wonderful memories from childhood.

5) In 1970, when the movie was first released, California’s First Lady Nancy Reagan said she liked it but was upset to hear Ali MacGraw’s character swear. What’s the curse word you use most often? (Feel free to spell it with *’s, in case Nancy Reagan stops by Sat. 9)

I say “What the Fuck!” a lot and personally, I could care less if Nancy Reagan stopped by. I would say Fuck in front of her too.

6) Now 75, Ali MacGraw has let her famous hair go gray. She says she’s glad to “look like a grown up.” Do you feel your age? Or older or younger than your years?

Most of the time, I don’t feel my age. Mentally, I still feel about 25. Some days though, my body reminds me that I am nearing 50. I don’t mind the silver strands in my blond hair though. I’ve earned them!

7) MacGraw and her Love Story co-star Ryan O’Neal are currently on tour in the play, Love Letters, and they’re drawing big crowds of fans who remember them in their famous film. Tell us of another movie couple you felt had romantic chemistry.

Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy! I loved their witty repartee and the longing in their eyes as they acted together. Of course, they were off-screen partners too, so that only made them sizzle even more on-screen!

8) Red is the signature color of Valentine’s Day. Are you wearing red right now?

No, as usual, I am wearing black. It is my signature color and it matches my dead, cold heart. I even prefer black roses.

9) Because Valentine’s Day is such a big day for chocolate … would you prefer a large, solid milk chocolate heart or a small box of four assorted chocolates?

I don’t like milk chocolate and I don’t like the surprise of assorted chocolates. Sometimes you receive something not so delicious in those. I would prefer some exotic dark chocolates with hot pepper flakes or some fine sea salt dark chocolate. Oh hell, just give me some dark chocolates and no one will get hurt!


Do you have any thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Who are your favorite on-screen Lovers? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday 9 – Sorry


Saturday 9: Sorry (2015)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is a plea for a second chance. Are you good at forgiving/forgetting?

I didn’t used to be very good at forgiving. I didn’t hold grudges long, but I wasn’t always the first to say “I’m sorry.” Then I learned about Ho’oponopono and since then it is easier for me to say those words and mean it.

2) Justin asks his girl to “forget this.” What have you done/said recently that you wish could just be forgotten?

I wish I could just forget about having that Coke Royale (Coke+Crown Royal) the other night. My brain has been mush ever since

3) Mr. Bieber says he needs just 6 hours sleep every night. How about you? How much sleep do you require to feel sharp?

On average, I get by with 4-6 hours, but require a nap later in the day.

4) Justin prefers D&G underwear, which can cost as much as $102/pair. Sam may be crazy, but there’s no way she’d spend that much on underwear. What’s something you’re willing to splurge on?

If it’s clothes, something made of leather. If it books, a first edition. Otherwise, I would only splurge on paintings or sculptures.

5) He may be picky about underwear but not cuisine. He loves Big Macs. If we were going to McDonald’s, what would you order?

Nothing, maybe bottled water.

6) When it comes to healthier fare, Bieber has told fans he enjoys snacking on bananas and grapes. What do you reach for between meals?

Avocados or almonds

7) Performing in Germany, Justin Bieber told a girl who approached the stage, “Ich liebe dich” (“I love you”) and she fainted. Have you ever fainted?

Yes, but I wouldn’t have if Bieber said that to me… Prince, maybe, but definitely not Bieber.

8) As a kid, Justin was teased for being one of the shortest in his class. What do you recall being teased about in school?

Too many things… mostly about my physical appearance and because I was a quiet bookworm.

9) Random question: Will you be watching this weekend’s Super Bowl?

Most definitely. Go Panthers!