My life is filled with fateful moments, little happenstances, and slips of serendipity. Sit upon the dock and gaze out at the serene water and misty sky, and allow me to share my life with you a spell.

As the Fates Would Have It is the personal journal of Lori Carlson. You can find her creative works here:

A Whispered Wind – poetry, fiction, small stones

Promptly Writtenprompted poetry, fiction, and challenges

And if you’d like to check out her blog on Mindfulness and Mental Illness:

Mindful Living for a Healthy Mind

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, Lori! I’m sending Jane Basil by to see if she can connect with you. She has recently been put on some medication that is really blocking her creativity. I know you feel that way as well on your meds. Thought you might could give her some advice. Hope she follows through and gets in touch with you. Hope that was ok. I think your insights would be valuable for her.

  2. HAPPY 50th Lori!

    Know you are taking a break so hope all is good – my prayers and thoughts are with you, especially today! I really miss you so I am looking forward to your return – but not before you are ready.

    Take care:) kate

  3. Thanks, Lori, by the way, for the reblog. I’m looking forward to getting to know you. And I have to say, that’s a NICE touch disabling comments and sending folks to the original site. I would never have thought of that. Where do you go to disable comments on the post? (Showing my VAST ignorance of all things technical here! o_O

    • You are most welcome 🙂 I learned that little trick from Jason over at Harsh Reality… when you reblog, you have to go back to your blog, click on Blog Posts (not ADD) and find that reblog post (should be the first one), click on Edit and then on the right hand side, where you have the options to add Categories and tags, if you scroll to the bottom you have More Options.. click on it and at the very bottom, you can uncheck Allow Comments. Then just update the post and tada.. no one can comment. They are forced to go to the original post if they want to leave a comment 😀 I hope that makes sense.

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