Thoughts from the Redwoods

Such a beautiful analogy for living life simply… and I quote:
“Sometimes we are on a wrong path and we don’t even know it. As we try to stand up once again to be tall amongst the other tree’s in the forest it becomes clear that maybe, just maybe there is another world we should be living in. Maybe one that is not so tall and demanding of the strength of our backs to hold us up. Somewhere in the ferns and moss we learn that living a simple life brings more joy than living a life of pride.”
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Simple Living Over 50

14983632-a-fallen-redwood-tree-sprouts-ferns-and-other-plant-life-as-it-slowly-decays-on-the-floor-of-a-northA tree falls to the ground in the forest and right away as the compassionate species we are we quickly try to find solutions to fix the problem. We want to do something because hey, “It has fallen”.

Tree’s have fallen throughout forests for years before humans had any interjection in the circumstances and simply lied there to become pillar to the incredible life that surrounds it. Some tree’s are simply meant to fall and quickly give rise to the glory of its community.

This is nature doing what it has done for millions of years and our process of intervention hinders what beauty could arise from simply allowing it to be.

In the same sense how important is it that we also allow our fellow humans to fall at times. Some of my greatest strengths were found in situations through my life where I too have fallen. Of course…

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The Sandbox Writing Challenge #24 — Undone?

This week’s challenge is “What have you left undone?”

I have several projects that have been left undone:

  • a Book of Wisdom which is a collection of wisdom from various religions and philosophies, stuff health-related that I have collected over the years, favorite quotes, and other snippets of things. Some of this is already in a large 3-ring binder and other parts of it sit in a box where items are adding up so fast, I will need another box soon, not to mention a couple more binders.
  • a binder filled with every poem I have written since 1992, or at least all of them I can find as some of my work got destroyed in a flood.
  • a binder filled with every short story I have written since 1993, again as many of them as I can find due to that same flood.
  • my collage projects… I haven’t created a single collage since I moved back home in 2014.
  • crochet projects… haven’t worked on these since moving back home either.
  • the 100 new poems that I’ve been wanting to write for publication since last September that I have never gotten around to completing.

I keep adding new writing challenges to my life each year and they take up so much of my time that I fear I may never get to complete any of the above projects. Eventually I am just going to have to make them a priority as I want to leave the Book of Wisdom, Poetry Binder and Short Story Binder to someone in my family or with a friend whenever I decide to kick the bucket.

Just Breathe

A wonderful reminder to all of us…. Just Breathe!
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Simple Living Over 50

290d2a835021e2a80050ab76d41d7b70Sometimes all you need to do is breathe. There are times where are minds become so jumbles with through of things we need to do, things we want to do and the after thought of how can I get it all done.

Life can get overwhelming when we allow our minds to try to figure out just how we are to get a list of needs met. It has always been the notebook that stays with me always that I rely upon to simply write things down and always a comfort when I see things on a piece of paper. I quickly realize that it is not as bad as my crazy mind believes it to be. I prioritize, get started and simply leave those things that are not as important for the next day.

The most important thing is that I remember to simply breathe. Just three slow breaths…

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#MondayMusings – Great Conversations



Today I am participating in #MondayMusings hosted by Everyday Gyann and the topic this Monday is “great conversations.”

I’ve always had problems with conversations. It’s not that I do not know how to converse with others. I am engaged and a great listener. I keep my mind focused on what people are saying, how they are saying things, their body language, and wait my turn to speak. I’ve always been good at this. It’s a gift, I suppose.

The problem arises when *I* have something to say. I’ve never had anyone who is as engaged with me as I am with others. I get interrupted mid-sentence. People don’t listen to what I am saying – their minds are thinking about their own response to what I am saying. And instead of getting words of wisdom from others, I get stories about their own tragic lives. This happened all through my childhood and into my adulthood – family, friends and partners alike. I used to get so tired of asking, “Are you even listening to me?” Finally, I just stopped asking.

As a result, I am normally a very quiet, private person. I don’t have long drawn-out conversations with people, I rarely talk on the phone, and I don’t seek out conversations. I stay mainly to myself. My journals have become my conversation pieces where I converse mostly with myself. It’s a lonely life, but I don’t mind being alone in this. It’s a safe place and refuge.