Saturday 9: The Theme from Love Story (1970)

Saturday 9: The Theme from Love Story (1970)

In honor of Valentine’s Day. Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) The very popular tagline for this movie is, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Here’s your chance to rewrite it. “Love means _____________________.”

Love means allowing your partner to be his/her authentic self. To not put on pretenses. To not have to walk around on eggshells. To be whomever he or she chooses to be.

2) The movie was famous for a montage of the lovers frolicking in the snow. Do you enjoy sledding, skating, skiing, snowball fights, snowmen, etc.? Or do you just want spring to hurry up and get here?

I love the snow, but I enjoy it best before all of the frolicking begins. I love to watch it fall, blanketing the world in white. But most of all, I love the silence that comes with it.

3) In the movie, Oliver asks his father for $5,000. The money is required for wife Jenny’s hospital treatment, but Oliver is too proud to tell his father why he needs it. Adjusted for inflation, $5,000 in 1970 is $30,000 today. How much would you be willing to lend a friend or family member without knowing the reason?

Oh wow, this is a tough question. I don’t have much to give and I guess it would depend on how close the friendship was and how well I trusted the family member. If it was a close and trusting relationship, I would give everything I had.

4) In the movie, Jenny is the daughter of a baker who owns a little shop in Cranston, Rhode Island. Think of the last baked goods you consumed. Were they home made? Did you buy them from a bakery, the grocery store, or a coffee shop, like Starbucks?

It’s been ages since I’ve had baked goods. I guess the last ones I had were Krispy Kreme donuts. They bring back such wonderful memories from childhood.

5) In 1970, when the movie was first released, California’s First Lady Nancy Reagan said she liked it but was upset to hear Ali MacGraw’s character swear. What’s the curse word you use most often? (Feel free to spell it with *’s, in case Nancy Reagan stops by Sat. 9)

I say “What the Fuck!” a lot and personally, I could care less if Nancy Reagan stopped by. I would say Fuck in front of her too.

6) Now 75, Ali MacGraw has let her famous hair go gray. She says she’s glad to “look like a grown up.” Do you feel your age? Or older or younger than your years?

Most of the time, I don’t feel my age. Mentally, I still feel about 25. Some days though, my body reminds me that I am nearing 50. I don’t mind the silver strands in my blond hair though. I’ve earned them!

7) MacGraw and her Love Story co-star Ryan O’Neal are currently on tour in the play, Love Letters, and they’re drawing big crowds of fans who remember them in their famous film. Tell us of another movie couple you felt had romantic chemistry.

Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy! I loved their witty repartee and the longing in their eyes as they acted together. Of course, they were off-screen partners too, so that only made them sizzle even more on-screen!

8) Red is the signature color of Valentine’s Day. Are you wearing red right now?

No, as usual, I am wearing black. It is my signature color and it matches my dead, cold heart. I even prefer black roses.

9) Because Valentine’s Day is such a big day for chocolate … would you prefer a large, solid milk chocolate heart or a small box of four assorted chocolates?

I don’t like milk chocolate and I don’t like the surprise of assorted chocolates. Sometimes you receive something not so delicious in those. I would prefer some exotic dark chocolates with hot pepper flakes or some fine sea salt dark chocolate. Oh hell, just give me some dark chocolates and no one will get hurt!


Do you have any thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Who are your favorite on-screen Lovers? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Saturday 9: The Theme from Love Story (1970)

  1. I tend to keep the lights off in the house until it’s pitch black. My husband says I’m a vampire. Maybe I have a dead, cold heart, too!

  2. Loved your lovely snow answer. Agree with you on Tracy and Hepburn. Have you ever seen Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Tracy is all old and sick, but he talks about remembering what it’s like to be madly, passionately in love. We can see Kate watching him with tears in her eyes. I always forget I’m watching characters in a movie and feel like I’m watching him honor the woman he loved for all those years. (Sniffle, sniffle. Where’s my tissue?)

    • Yes, I’ve seen Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.. and I couldn’t agree more… I always believed he was speaking to Katharine, directly in it 🙂 those two were quite a pair. *hands you a tissue as she takes one herself*

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