My Daily Tarot – Seven of Wands


01/04/17 – Seven of Wands

You are being asked to defend your actions or beliefs. Do not fear the attack. Use the questions raised to clarify your understanding. If your beliefs are sound, a closer examination of them will hurt nothing and add to your wisdom.

Be aware of childish obstinacy. If you find your stance is wrong, admit defeat and refine your beliefs so that they will stand up to examination. On the other hand, do not give up the fight out of fear.

Guess you’ve been reading the comments sections of Youtube now, Tarot. I recently posted a remark on a video talking about the failures and continued failure of the Democrat Party and I made the comment that perhaps it was time to dump it and start a true workers’ party. Some dude commented later did I mean like in the failed USSR and North Korea and I commented no, a socialism party like they have over in some of the countries in Europe where they have free market socialism that seems to be doing well. Well, this guy tore into me like a mad man, cursing me and telling me to go live over there if I wanted to live under socialism, that the US was a free capitalistic country and I didn’t deserve to live here with my kind of thinking. It was truly shocking. I’d dealt with right-wingers before, but I couldn’t even tell if this guy was a right-wing conservative Republican or just a mad man. Finally, this morning, I just told him that he was too angry a person for me to communicate with and I wished him well. I didn’t fear him, I just couldn’t deal with that level of anger and hatred. I don’t think my stance is wrong either. It’s just a difference of opinions. But you’d thought I’d committed treason from the way this guy was slinging hatred at me. He may have just been a troll, but he was certainly a disturbing one.

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