My Daily Tarot – Seven of Wands


01/04/17 – Seven of Wands

You are being asked to defend your actions or beliefs. Do not fear the attack. Use the questions raised to clarify your understanding. If your beliefs are sound, a closer examination of them will hurt nothing and add to your wisdom.

Be aware of childish obstinacy. If you find your stance is wrong, admit defeat and refine your beliefs so that they will stand up to examination. On the other hand, do not give up the fight out of fear.

Guess you’ve been reading the comments sections of Youtube now, Tarot. I recently posted a remark on a video talking about the failures and continued failure of the Democrat Party and I made the comment that perhaps it was time to dump it and start a true workers’ party. Some dude commented later did I mean like in the failed USSR and North Korea and I commented no, a socialism party like they have over in some of the countries in Europe where they have free market socialism that seems to be doing well. Well, this guy tore into me like a mad man, cursing me and telling me to go live over there if I wanted to live under socialism, that the US was a free capitalistic country and I didn’t deserve to live here with my kind of thinking. It was truly shocking. I’d dealt with right-wingers before, but I couldn’t even tell if this guy was a right-wing conservative Republican or just a mad man. Finally, this morning, I just told him that he was too angry a person for me to communicate with and I wished him well. I didn’t fear him, I just couldn’t deal with that level of anger and hatred. I don’t think my stance is wrong either. It’s just a difference of opinions. But you’d thought I’d committed treason from the way this guy was slinging hatred at me. He may have just been a troll, but he was certainly a disturbing one.

My Daily Tarot – Nine of Swords



01/03/17 – Nine of Swords

You are agonizing over something. For whatever reason you are working through this alone, even though help is nearby. Reach out and allow someone to guide and comfort you. 

Be aware of isolation. You may feel like you’re alone or your pride may stop you from reaching out. You’re not alone and your pride may cost you more than you know.

Pondersome, Tarot. My only agony at the moment is my health, and yes, it is troubling me something fierce, especially when I see how far down the same problem has dragged my dad. I won’t go back to the doc though. He will just put me back on insulin. While it will bring my blood sugar down to acceptable levels, it also makes me gain weight and then I have the doc harping at me that I need to lose weight. So I will deal with this on my own by fasting periodically and leaving the carbs alone. I’m not really so isolated though. I have a Facebook support group to fall back on. I just have to engage with them.


My Daily Tarot – Queen of Swords


01/02/17 –  Queen of Swords

You have used your mind, truth and logical thinking to create order in your world. You’ve taken your suffering and joys and marred them to a useful philosophy so that you are at ease in the world. You are a good and helpful friend, although some may say you lack emotion.

Be aware of depending too much on order. Remember to be flexible when things don’t go your way. Allow others to behave as they believe right. Your ways are not everyone’s ways. Do not divorce yourself from your emotions in an effort to protect yourself.

This was a qualifying card before when I drew it, but I think it has more significance now, eh Tarot? Yes, I have put my world in order again and yes, I know how badly that turned out last year. But I swear, Tarot, I have given myself some flexibility this time. I won’t be doing (or attempting to do) major writing projects every month this year. I’ve given myself some months off. I do need structure and routines though or I will spend all of my time watching Netflix, Hulu and Youtube and get absolutely nothing else accomplished. My goals are not as high this year and all of the side writing projects do not have to be done. If I don’t feel like writing drabbles, poetry or flash fiction one day, I simply won’t do it. I have a feeling that this card will continue to crop up though. I know you will be keeping an eye on me, dear Tarot.

My Daily Tarot – Queen of Pentacles


01/01/17 – Queen of Pentacles

You have worked hard and well. You have created a life filled with physical pleasures and beauty through your skills and careful budgeting of resources. You take great pride in your practicality. People around you enjoy the fruits of your labor. And although this gives you pleasure, you get just as much satisfaction from the results of your endeavors.

Be aware of becoming fixated on end results and losing all joy in the process of creating. There is a danger of worrying about money too much. While it’s wise to be careful, don’t become obsessed with frugality. And don’t sacrifice your spiritual, creative, and emotional life on the altar of practicality.

This is a curious card for me, dear Tarot. Yes, I always worked hard, but no, I never accumulated many physical pleasures or things of beauty, unless you count my DVD and book collections. I was always the type that spent money when I had it, usually for others, because I knew I could always make more money. Now, I am on a very small, fixed income (that just may get even smaller thanks to Republicans), and yes, money is a constant worry. I have little to no choice but to be frugal and practical these days. I may not have to worry as much until around 2018, but that is only a year away and I must tighten my belt as much as possible.

I do understand the worry about sacrificing my spiritual, creative and emotional life though. I don’t really see any of these as a huge problem. As a Buddhist, I meditate, so little expense there. As a writer, all I need is a laptop and internet connection. So long as I can keep both, no problem there. Emotionally, I do have to be concerned with my mental health. If things get too bleak, I could go into a deep depression again, which would mean hospitalization and medication, both very expensive.

I guess I will have to let this marinate a bit. See if it invokes any further thought and considerations.

My Daily Tarot – Judgement


12/31/16 – Judgement

The message of Judgement is clear. You are being called to do something. You might not want to hear it and are actively drowning it out with noise of your daily life. You might be afraid of the call and the changes it will bring. Listen to it and face it with courage and action. It promises a more fulfilling life.

Be aware of two things: First, of ignoring the call or shrinking from it in fear or obstinance; second, of mistaking the desires of others or of society for a true calling. Do not feel compelled to dance to anyone else’s tune, and do not ignore the music of your own heart.

Yes, dear Tarot. I do have a calling. I know what it is and I know that I do allow life, in general, to get in the way of fulfilling that calling. But how do you convince people of your mission when they look at you like you are crazy? They believe that my story is so outlandish that it can’t possibly be true. They say, oh it’s your mental illnesses that make you believe these things. You must be schizophrenic, but I am not. I know why I am here, how I got here, and what I must do. It’s just hard to do my calling when everyone around me believes I am insane.

My Daily Tarot – Knight of Pentacles


12/30/16 – Knight of Pentacles

You have fought some battles and enjoyed some adventures. Now you’d like to rest and regroup, maybe spend some time enjoying quieter, more domestic scenes. Take some time off and make yourself feel safe, if necessary. You may need to adopt a protective or defensive stance.

Be aware of resting on your laurels or stagnating. If you had a traumatic experience, do not let it paralyze you or become an excuse for not moving forward.

Have you been time traveling, dear Tarot? It feels like you’ve jumped back in time and dug up all the nasties and besties of my life. Yes, I’ve fought many battles and had a few adventures along the way and now, I have settled back down in my childhood home nestled in the mountains of Virginia. I’ve literally digressed to find that safety, peace and rest I’ve needed for so long.

Yet, it has been two years now and perhaps I have become stagnated. It was a traumatic experience this last time. I lived with a narcissist for 13 years, survived cancer and seven suicide attempts. I am very guarded about my life now. I am just not sure why you are bringing this all up again, dear Tarot. Is it because of the new journeys I am about to embark upon? Are you cautioning me? I promise. I will be very careful and remember to take some time to rest.

My Daily Tarot – The Magician


12/29/16 – The Magician

The Magician’s message is one of discipline and responsibility. You have the power within your self to accomplish whatever you wish. You have the necessary tools at your disposal. Focus your will and hone your skills.

Be aware of control and manipulation. Power can blind you to what is appropriate. Keep in mind the negative stereotype of the Magician as a charlatan or a swindler. 

I see what you are doing, Tarot. I know you’ve been digging around in my secret spots, nosing about in my computer files. It’s okay. I expect you to be in the know. How else can you guide me?

Yes, I am about to embark on two separate journeys at once. Each will need me to focus my will and hone my skills. One deals with my health and the other my writing. I am determined to turn them both around and I hope I have the discipline and willpower to do them both. Not sure I am so responsible; there may be a bit of a charlatan within me.

My Daily Tarot – Eight of Pentacles


12/28/16 – Eight of Pentacles

You are involved in a course of study in preparation for a better future. Your disciple and drive will serve you well. Do take a moment, though, and enjoy some companionship. 

Be aware of driving yourself too hard and to the exclusion of all else. Even in the midst of heavy studies, a person needs a little rest and relaxation.

Is nothing sacred around you, Tarot? So yes, I will be doing some “courses” over the next few months, trying to hone my skills on plotting and setting development. It will be intense and I will probably lose myself in it, to the exclusion of most other things. Settings are probably my biggest weakness in my writing. I do fairly well with dialogue and creating believable characters, but putting my characters in well-described settings is just beyond me it seems. So I definitely need to work on that. I will also be training myself to plot out a novel, a complete novel of 80-150k words, not just a novella. I will be doing a scene by scene plot so that when I go to actually write the novel, it should all fall into place. I hope, anyway. I will be doing all of this on top of my usual stuff here on this blog, working on two stories (Andromeda Dreaming and Zanzibar), plus reading and reviewing books. Too much pressure? Hopefully not. All of this is supposed to be fun, right?


My Daily Tarot – King of Wands


12/27/16 – King of Wands

You are focused, determined and driven. Something has your full attention and you are channeling all your energy and skills in that direction. You have a strong sense that you are right in all things concerning this venture. Your ambition or social needs are engaged. For now, that is all that matters.

Be aware of believing that you are right, that your way is the only way. There is a danger of becoming overly bossy or intolerant of others.

Ah Tarot, you cheeky bastard. You’ve been peeking at my secret diary. Shame on you! It’s true though. I am about to embark on a new venture that is occupying my energy and skills. It is one filled with extremes that most people would caution me about if they knew the full story, but I am not divulging details. I am definitely focused, determined and driven and yes, I feel like I am right about this. However, I do not have to worry about the overly bossy or intolerance aspect as the only person involved in this venture is me. If anything, I may become a bit difficult to live with for a couple of weeks, so I will probably be spending a lot of time alone with my secret diary and my writing.


My Daily Tarot – Six of Swords


12/23/16 – Six of Swords

You are running from something. Unless you examine the way you think, your running will accomplish nothing except an immediate escape from what is troubling you. Until you learn to face it, it will come up again in some other guise. 

Be aware of overanalyzing. Our ancient instinct exists as a defense mechanism. Although probably not as often now, there are times when fleeing a dangerous situation is the right thing to do.

This is interesting. I know the water in the picture above signifies emotions. I am always running from those. I don’t like to show my emotions because that leaves me vulnerable and I don’t like to be vulnerable either. I don’t feel any danger around me. However, I will be out and about with my friend from Roanoke today. We could get ourselves into trouble, though she and I are usually overly cautious (we are both introverts).

I don’t usually do this, but I am going to pull a qualifier card.


Queen of Swords (at least I am still in the swords – challenges, intellect, ways of thinking.) You have used your mind, truth and logical thinking to create order in your world. You’ve taken your suffering and joys and marred them to a useful philosophy so that you are at ease in the world. You are a good and helpful friend, although some may say you lack emotion.

Be aware of depending too much on order. Remember to be flexible when things don’t go your way. Allow others to behave as they believe right. Your ways are not everyone’s ways. Do not divorce yourself from your emotions in an effort to protect yourself.

Not sure I understand anymore now than before I drew the card. Maybe this has to do with my attempt to reach out to an old friend. She and I were quite chaotic together, spontaneous, and out there. My life is very ordered and structured now and I do tend to get upset if anything unbalances that order. If that friend is still the way she always was, she will find an entirely different person in me. It has been over 25 years since we hung out. Still, it might not be a bad thing to have some spontaneity in my overly structured life. I guess the real danger here could be having fun. Which I plan on doing some of today out with my friend from Roanoke.