Black Holes, Burdens and Lightworkers

I’ve been speaking with a lot of lightworkers, Reiki Masters, alternative healing gurus, etc of late. Most of us agree, a dark black hole has been swallowing us up, or so it feels. It’s as if the more work we do to heal ourselves and the planet, the harder it becomes to get our work done. It’s as if we’ve taken the burden of the entire world on our backs and are dredging through thick muck.

Enough of the analogies, but one thing is certain, some THING is working mighty hard to defeat our work. A few lightworker friends of mine on Youtube are signaling a defeatist attitude. They don’t even know if the work they are doing is getting through and are close to quitting.

I am not sure when some lightworkers began to feel whatever this THING is, but I noticed it immediately after the 2016 election. Sure, I’ve known opposition most of my life and it has been bad in years past. That happens when you are a Violet Flame, Walk-In, and lightworker. You just expected it and have dealt with it the best you can. But this… whatever the hell THIS is, is menacing beyond words. I go through my routine of daily channeling good energy to the Earth, Reiking those who need it and have asked for it, doing the ho’oponopono meditation I do before I sleep, and communing with my spirit guides. And I have felt this enormous weight on my back, like I am trying to hold up the entire world – I now know how Atlas must have felt! It has manifested into physical pain in my body, all down my left side from lower back to hip to side of the leg to knee down calf to foot. I know it has to do with whatever this clearing, cleansing, cleaning thing I am trying to do because it isn’t constant or consistent. It only aches painfully when I am doing my work. Normally, doing my work rejuvenates me, but not since Nov 2016.

So I had a long conversation tonight with my Reiki Master about this. She has assured me that the work is getting done and that this black hole or dark muck is but an illusion being thrown out there at us to get us to stop being the resistance to whatever this THING is. As she explained it all to me, the pain on my left side began to ease. So is it too just an illusion to put me into so much pain that I will give up my work? I hope not, but if it is, I will just keep plowing through it. The work is too important.

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