Dear WordPress

You’ve done it again, WordPress – fixed some things that were NOT broken. For the love of me, I cannot figure out why you do that. I liked having my media and contact buttons SEPARATE and not clumped together under a + sign. I loved being on my blog with the dashboard running across the top and being able to click on My Sites, having the drop-down box and being able to chose one of my other blogs’ homepage. Now I am sent to a page where I have to chose a blog and get sent to the Edit page instead of my actual blog.

WHY? WordPress why? Why do you always fuck with things that work perfectly fine? You are not making my life easier or hipper. You are actually making it HARDER! Stop it. Please, just stop making customized changes that only benefit YOU. Next time you want to play the omnipotent one and make changes, why not stop and be democratic about it and ask your customers? It would be so easy to do under a Daily Post. Hmmmm?

A pissed-off customer