And I Simply ask the Question, “Why?”

A well thought out post on Commercialism, Minimalism and making the right choices…
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Simple Living Over 50

I have never been one who thinks on the lines of going along with the pack. I love to think about things outside the box and simply ask the question “why”. This in a sense makes me an independent thinker and independent doer. I love to quietly challenge the very same things that most people don’t have a problem going along with. I suppose that you can call me an old rebel soul, but to me there are things in life that just don’t make too much sense.

As the years have passed I have noticed that it is getting worse for us outside thinkers, or those of us who just don’t want to go along the same path that is written out for us. An overtone of political correctness is being used as a tool to stifle our words if we try to speak out. Many of the same…

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A Winter’s Storm

Indeed, we are all uniquely ourselves and perfect just the way we are! A beautiful analogy… snow flakes…
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You Are Pretty Fucking Special


It is so easy to get caught up in a storm. The winds are blowing, the snow is falling, the roads get icy, and the sky becomes a confusing, white haze. What do you do? Slow down and try to drive through it or stop, pull over and wait it out? Do you fear the winter storm or do you admire its beauty? The grass has turned brown, the trees have lost its leaves, and the once bright and colorful world has turned grey and lifeless. But then, something marvelous happens, the snow peacefully falls and covers it all. The sun glistens off the snow and you can see the individual snowflakes glisten.

I recently sat in my car, at work, as the snow began to fall, and watched one by one as each snow flake landed on my window. Each snowflake was unique and majestic in its own way…

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Thoughts from the Redwoods

Such a beautiful analogy for living life simply… and I quote:
“Sometimes we are on a wrong path and we don’t even know it. As we try to stand up once again to be tall amongst the other tree’s in the forest it becomes clear that maybe, just maybe there is another world we should be living in. Maybe one that is not so tall and demanding of the strength of our backs to hold us up. Somewhere in the ferns and moss we learn that living a simple life brings more joy than living a life of pride.”
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Simple Living Over 50

14983632-a-fallen-redwood-tree-sprouts-ferns-and-other-plant-life-as-it-slowly-decays-on-the-floor-of-a-northA tree falls to the ground in the forest and right away as the compassionate species we are we quickly try to find solutions to fix the problem. We want to do something because hey, “It has fallen”.

Tree’s have fallen throughout forests for years before humans had any interjection in the circumstances and simply lied there to become pillar to the incredible life that surrounds it. Some tree’s are simply meant to fall and quickly give rise to the glory of its community.

This is nature doing what it has done for millions of years and our process of intervention hinders what beauty could arise from simply allowing it to be.

In the same sense how important is it that we also allow our fellow humans to fall at times. Some of my greatest strengths were found in situations through my life where I too have fallen. Of course…

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Just Breathe

A wonderful reminder to all of us…. Just Breathe!
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Simple Living Over 50

290d2a835021e2a80050ab76d41d7b70Sometimes all you need to do is breathe. There are times where are minds become so jumbles with through of things we need to do, things we want to do and the after thought of how can I get it all done.

Life can get overwhelming when we allow our minds to try to figure out just how we are to get a list of needs met. It has always been the notebook that stays with me always that I rely upon to simply write things down and always a comfort when I see things on a piece of paper. I quickly realize that it is not as bad as my crazy mind believes it to be. I prioritize, get started and simply leave those things that are not as important for the next day.

The most important thing is that I remember to simply breathe. Just three slow breaths…

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What is the American Dream?

The American Dream is definitely not dead as so well told here. You just have to want and work toward the life you desire.
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Simple Living Over 50

american-dream-001With all of the changes our country is going through many believe that the American Dream is dead. But what exactly is the American Dream?

I believe it all started just years after the beginning of our own Industrial Revolution when jobs where in high demand and employers starting offering more attractive employment packages to attract and retain quality employee’s. As time went by and as worker unions started forming these things became the norm for the American worker even thought it took the time span of two major world wars to get there. TV portrayed the typical American family as both comfortable living in a home they were able to purchase with just one single income.

It seemed to be the good life for many, but as many stories are told sometimes there are parts that are left out. There is and has always been a segment of our…

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Bullying Through The Eyes of a 12 Year Old

Bullying is a despicable act! I should know, I was horribly bullied in High School. This is a well-written piece on how it is affecting lives in other countries besides the US.
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In the old days, fun and pranks were joy of childhood. Teasing means another thing in our age! Bullying, ranging from arguments to assaults, is now a rapidly spreading menace all over our nation and it lurks behind almost every unfortunate childhood.

To start with, a shocking case happened a while ago in our capital, Delhi. A middle school teenager from Modern School Delhi was exposed to some severe and outrageous verbal assault by his peers. Someone recorded the entire incident on a smart phone. When the story hit the newspapers next day, some words were cut out, being too abusive for print.

After being analysed, everyone was appalled at the language used in the assault. There was an outrage among the parents and the general society along with a lot of chaos after which after which the case was finally sorted out.But was a little too late, for the…

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Get a tissue ready… this will leave you in tears. Such a beautiful lesson though.
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Impromptu Promptlings

This morning Jane over at Making it write wrote a beautiful story about a stray orange tabby who adopted them once and introduced himself as Ginger. It reminded me of one of my own blog posts from February last year, Gray Guy. But there was a bit more in my journal about Gray Guy about ten days later. Thought I’d post it here today to add to Jane’s tribute to HER tabby…

“…every happening, great or small,
is a parable whereby God speaks to us;
and the art of life is to get the message.”

I ran across this Malcolm Muggeridge quote years ago, and it rang so true to me I wrote it down. Jesus was a master at taking ordinary things and turning them into teaching tools. Things like bread and wine skins, mustard seeds and coins, fish and flowers. Humans are visual creatures. Perhaps that’s…

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