And I Simply ask the Question, “Why?”

A well thought out post on Commercialism, Minimalism and making the right choices…
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Simple Living Over 50

I have never been one who thinks on the lines of going along with the pack. I love to think about things outside the box and simply ask the question “why”. This in a sense makes me an independent thinker and independent doer. I love to quietly challenge the very same things that most people don’t have a problem going along with. I suppose that you can call me an old rebel soul, but to me there are things in life that just don’t make too much sense.

As the years have passed I have noticed that it is getting worse for us outside thinkers, or those of us who just don’t want to go along the same path that is written out for us. An overtone of political correctness is being used as a tool to stifle our words if we try to speak out. Many of the same…

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