#joyfuljan – Day Twenty

For today’s #joyfuljan, I find joy in reading other bloggers.

I stopped blogging some time last year. I even deleted the blog that I had worked so hard on for a few months. It was stupid and silly of me, but I’d lost the trust of a blogger I’d grown close to and there was no way of getting that trust back. So I stopped everything for many months. I was just too sad and depressed. When I decided to begin blogging again, instead of creating a new blog, I just came back to my old ones. I have a modest following on all three of them, so I figured this was good enough. I was weary though of getting too close to anyone again and although I am still a bit guarded about that, I do find a lot of joy in reading others’ blogs. There are some amazing poets and fiction writers on WordPress. And there is a lot of advice on numerous topics to be found here too. I will stay in the moment of joy as I read and just not allow myself to get too close to anyone.

What are you joyful about today? Let me know in the comments.

Throughout the month of January, I will be celebrating Joyful January with Satya and Kaspa over at Writing Our Way Home


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