Red Yellow Green #NaJoWriMo

For today’s journal entry, keep three short lists of what I call, reds, yellows and greens.The reds are things you need to stop doing in your life. The yellows are things you don’t need to stop or start doing, but things you need to be cautious about. And the greens are for things you need to start doing, or do more of for keeping yourself growing, taking care of yourself, and reaching your potentials.

Red Lights:

  1. Stop living with fear and doubt.
  2. Stop procrastinating on important projects
  3. Stop drinking so much caffeine

Yellow Lights:

  1. Getting too close to the wrong people
  2. Getting too caught up in perfectionism

Green Lights:

  1. Get more sleep
  2. Get better organized
  3. Meditate more often
  4. Eat healthier



Planning #NaJoWriMo

For today’s journal entry, revisit the first prompt for this month and select one of the items on your list for what you would like to change, revise, and improve upon your life. Go into detail about the item you selected. Perhaps make a plan and write what the possible challenges you might face and what ways you can deal with those challenges. 

I need to update my poetry and fiction binders. I’ve written so much in the last 2 years and have not printed and added the new things to the binders.

Currently I have two large binders, but they are filled with work from my college days. I need to finish organizing them before I can even think about adding anything new. I want to make two separate collections. One for me and one for a friend to have. Some of the college work will have to be retyped as I only have the original copies from the mid-late 90s.

Items I will need for the remainder of the project are:

  • 4-6 new large binders
  • extra ink
  • a few reams of paper
  • plastic page holders
  • plastic dividers

I need to decide on a system for cataloguing the work – by year, by alphabetical order, or by theme.

I have over a 1000 pieces of poetry and fiction on my external drive. I need to get all of those printed and filed away.

I need to get into the habit of immediately printing off my work daily and adding it to the binders.

In order to do all of this on my meager income, I need to purchase a few of the items at a time. I will begin with the ink and paper since they are the most expensive and I cannot get anything else done until I get all of my work printed off.

Est. total cost of the project: $200

Projected start date: June 2016

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New Surroundings #NaJoWriMo

For this today’s writing prompt, take some time and dream. If you had the money and/or time, describe how you would like to change your physical surroundings. What changes would you like to make to your home or apartment?  What type of furnishings would you like to change and add? Is there a color theme you want to use? What physical things do you want to get rid of or replace? How do you think these physical changes will affect you?

This seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life lately. This imagining what I would do if I had money to do it with. I just recently won a $10 million dollar lottery, remember? Is the Universe trying to tell me something? I must listen closer!

So, if I had all the money I needed to improve/change my surroundings, I would move away from my current dwelling and go, yes… you guessed it… to Coastal Maine. I want a place that embodies that whole breezy Northern feel to it. White wash and ocean blue. A nautical scene or two. Maybe some lighthouse murals on my walls. I want comfy, plush furnishings and a huge bed to sink into. A library crammed with books. An artist studio filled with supplies. A writing studio with the latest gadgets. And a view overlooking the sea. Move me into a fictional town from Stephen King’s imagination (Haven will do!). I want to eat fresh caught lobster and fish til I am sick of it (will take years, I assure you!). I want to write, paint and walk the beach. Live a solitary life with just me and maybe a dog and a cat or two or three.

How about you, dear readers? What changes would you make to your surroundings if money was no object? Share your thoughts with me in comments.

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April on As The Fates Would Have It

April is going to be a very busy month for me. I hope you will join me!

Here at As the Fates Will Have It, I will be writing about People Who Inspire Me for the A2Z and participating in the NaJoWriMo.

Over at  A Whispered Wind, I will post “small stones” daily and try to reblog as often as possible. Hump Day Poetry will also post each Wednesday! I may even posts some of my archived poems and stories occasionally. If you aren’t already following me there, you may want to consider doing so to keep up with the “small stones” and Hump Day Poetry!

And over at Promptly Written, things will be very very busy! I will be writing 26 original Science Fiction stories for the A2Z and 30 new poems for the April PAD Challenge (and maybe more as I also joined the NaPoWriMo!). If you are not following me there, you may want to considering doing so now so you won’t miss any of these exciting stories and poems.

See you tomorrow!