Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

No, I haven’t changed my name to Carmen Sandiego, but I have been MIA for over a year now. I doubt anyone cares, which is why I haven’t updated this blog for so long. Not even sure why I am doing it now.

So where have I been? No where. Still living with my dad. Still separated from my spouse. And still struggling with all the same ole BS that I’ve always been struggling with. I spend most of my time playing Runescape because I have no life. My muses no longer speak to me, so I don’t write. I don’t even have a desire to write. Really, I have little to say and keep to myself most of the time.

I’ve been dealing with depression on and off. Finally got medicated again. It’s helped some. I may begin updating this blog from time to time, but I doubt I will either of my writing blogs. Maybe I won’t even update this one. I just don’t know. I live in a blah existence.

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