The Sandbox Writing Challenge #71 — Unfinished


When you remember your unfinished tasks,
both great and small,
what feelings arise in you?

I hate unfinished tasks. It makes me feel like a failure. I will berate myself with words like, “You mean you couldn’t even get that small thing done?” or “Why’d you set so many tasks when you know you usually don’t finish them all.” But do I ever say anything nice to myself when I’ve finished a task? Well, not until January 1st of this year. Before, I would just ignore any of my successes, or not put too much emphasis on them. No pats on the back. No rewards. Now for every task I complete, no matter how great or small, I reward myself with something – a tv show or movie to watch, some pampering ‘me’ time, or even a nap. If a task doesn’t get completed, I simply leave it for the next day. If I can’t get it accomplished in a week, it must not have been that important anyway. I am tired of spending my life regretting things and feeling like a failure. It is simply unproductive.

4 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge #71 — Unfinished

  1. I guess that’s the spirit to move on to the New Year. You seem to be one of those people that hate…actually, DESPISE procrastinating. I wish I could say the same, but then again I’m working on it. My challenge to myself is to finish writing my essays one at a time.

  2. That’s a very healthy way to think of it – I have boxes of pending works awaiting completion 🙂 Craft work I mean. I always get back to them eventually, even if its years later. Usually it means that it wasnt ready to be finalised yet. Same goes for other things too I think.

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