My Daily Tarot – Nine of Swords



01/03/17 – Nine of Swords

You are agonizing over something. For whatever reason you are working through this alone, even though help is nearby. Reach out and allow someone to guide and comfort you. 

Be aware of isolation. You may feel like you’re alone or your pride may stop you from reaching out. You’re not alone and your pride may cost you more than you know.

Pondersome, Tarot. My only agony at the moment is my health, and yes, it is troubling me something fierce, especially when I see how far down the same problem has dragged my dad. I won’t go back to the doc though. He will just put me back on insulin. While it will bring my blood sugar down to acceptable levels, it also makes me gain weight and then I have the doc harping at me that I need to lose weight. So I will deal with this on my own by fasting periodically and leaving the carbs alone. I’m not really so isolated though. I have a Facebook support group to fall back on. I just have to engage with them.


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