My Daily Tarot – Queen of Pentacles


01/01/17 – Queen of Pentacles

You have worked hard and well. You have created a life filled with physical pleasures and beauty through your skills and careful budgeting of resources. You take great pride in your practicality. People around you enjoy the fruits of your labor. And although this gives you pleasure, you get just as much satisfaction from the results of your endeavors.

Be aware of becoming fixated on end results and losing all joy in the process of creating. There is a danger of worrying about money too much. While it’s wise to be careful, don’t become obsessed with frugality. And don’t sacrifice your spiritual, creative, and emotional life on the altar of practicality.

This is a curious card for me, dear Tarot. Yes, I always worked hard, but no, I never accumulated many physical pleasures or things of beauty, unless you count my DVD and book collections. I was always the type that spent money when I had it, usually for others, because I knew I could always make more money. Now, I am on a very small, fixed income (that just may get even smaller thanks to Republicans), and yes, money is a constant worry. I have little to no choice but to be frugal and practical these days. I may not have to worry as much until around 2018, but that is only a year away and I must tighten my belt as much as possible.

I do understand the worry about sacrificing my spiritual, creative and emotional life though. I don’t really see any of these as a huge problem. As a Buddhist, I meditate, so little expense there. As a writer, all I need is a laptop and internet connection. So long as I can keep both, no problem there. Emotionally, I do have to be concerned with my mental health. If things get too bleak, I could go into a deep depression again, which would mean hospitalization and medication, both very expensive.

I guess I will have to let this marinate a bit. See if it invokes any further thought and considerations.

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