Tentative Schedule – 2017

Hello, dear readers. Below is a tentative schedule of events here on ATFWHI for 2017. This is set to begin (or continue) on January 1st.

Daily Writing/Challenges:

  • My Daily Tarot
  • The Daily Me Journal
  • 10 Daily Currents
  • End of Day Notes
  • (for a while, I will continue to catch up on The Sandbox Writing Challenge and then it will become a Weekly Challenge)

Weekly Writing/Challenges:

  • Share Your World – Mondays
  • The Sandbox Writing Challenge – Wednesdays
  • Hodge Podge – Wednesdays
  • A Delicious Torment (my memoir) – Thursdays (moved date from Mon to Thurs)
  • Saturday 9 – Saturdays
  • Weekend Coffee Share – Saturdays
  • Song Lyric Sunday – Sundays

Monthly Writing/Challenges: 

  • Journaling January – January (Note: this will be posted under The Daily Me Journal posts when appropriate)
  • A-to-Z Challenge – April

All of this is subject to change. It will depend on my health and other writing projects during the year. I hope you will join me for any or all of these upcoming projects and challenges. I will try to engage with you as much as possible, dear readers.

3 thoughts on “Tentative Schedule – 2017

      • Well maybe. But I do so much better with structure, too. What happens to me when I fail to thrive within that structure though is I get depressed and think, why the hell do I even try. And that leads right to giving up…

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