The Sandbox Writing Challenge #11 — What fascinates you?


What fascinates you?

There are a lot of things that fascinate me because I have an inquisitive nature. Here is a small list:

  • birds soaring
  • insects
  • lizards
  • cats
  • science
  • maths
  • different cultures
  • Russian history
  • ancient sites
  • aliens
  • archaeology
  • serial killers
  • Hitler and the Holocaust
  • the flicker of a candle’s flame
  • storms
  • plants growing
  • my own bones and veins
  • classical music
  • ballerinas
  • abstract art
  • the ocean
  • whales and dolphins
  • mythology
  • world religions and spiritual paths
  • my own existence

I know there are more, but I am sure you get enough of a picture here to see how weird and quirky I am.


3 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge #11 — What fascinates you?

  1. Hm… I’d have to leave off the inner workings of the body thing. That totally freaks me out! I don’t WANT to know how fragile it all is! o_O That scares me right to death and makes me feel like I’m going to drop dead any minute!!!

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