My Daily Tarot – Knight of Pentacles


12/30/16 – Knight of Pentacles

You have fought some battles and enjoyed some adventures. Now you’d like to rest and regroup, maybe spend some time enjoying quieter, more domestic scenes. Take some time off and make yourself feel safe, if necessary. You may need to adopt a protective or defensive stance.

Be aware of resting on your laurels or stagnating. If you had a traumatic experience, do not let it paralyze you or become an excuse for not moving forward.

Have you been time traveling, dear Tarot? It feels like you’ve jumped back in time and dug up all the nasties and besties of my life. Yes, I’ve fought many battles and had a few adventures along the way and now, I have settled back down in my childhood home nestled in the mountains of Virginia. I’ve literally digressed to find that safety, peace and rest I’ve needed for so long.

Yet, it has been two years now and perhaps I have become stagnated. It was a traumatic experience this last time. I lived with a narcissist for 13 years, survived cancer and seven suicide attempts. I am very guarded about my life now. I am just not sure why you are bringing this all up again, dear Tarot. Is it because of the new journeys I am about to embark upon? Are you cautioning me? I promise. I will be very careful and remember to take some time to rest.

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