The Daily Me (Journal) Judgement – 12/29/16

Today’s prompt comes from 100 Inspirational Journal Prompts by Melissa Bolton @ The Mogul Mom

What characteristics do you judge the most harshly in others?

I’d love to be able to say that I don’t judge others, but it would be a bold-faced lie. It’s not that I go out to deliberately judge others, but there are just some things that I find vulgar and repulsive and they do force me to judge others over it.

Since I am mostly a serious person, I detest people who act childish all the time. A bit of childishness once in a while is fine, but never taking responsibility and being constantly childish, rubs me the wrong way.

I don’t like people who are crass. It’s not that they can’t be sensitive to others, it’s that they don’t want to be. They are deliberately distasteful, tactless and witless, like wearing a badge of honor to see how cruel and demeaning they can be.

I cannot abide by people who are disrespectful, inconsiderate, and intolerant. These characteristics usually go hand-in-hand and are usually shown toward people of color, the LGBTQ  and women by bigots, misogynists and racists.

Small-thinking, narrow-mindedness and exclusivity are other traits that I find repulsive. I just want to shake people who show these characteristics and expand their minds. Not everyone has to live in their little selfish bubbles.



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