My Daily Tarot – The Magician


12/29/16 – The Magician

The Magician’s message is one of discipline and responsibility. You have the power within your self to accomplish whatever you wish. You have the necessary tools at your disposal. Focus your will and hone your skills.

Be aware of control and manipulation. Power can blind you to what is appropriate. Keep in mind the negative stereotype of the Magician as a charlatan or a swindler. 

I see what you are doing, Tarot. I know you’ve been digging around in my secret spots, nosing about in my computer files. It’s okay. I expect you to be in the know. How else can you guide me?

Yes, I am about to embark on two separate journeys at once. Each will need me to focus my will and hone my skills. One deals with my health and the other my writing. I am determined to turn them both around and I hope I have the discipline and willpower to do them both. Not sure I am so responsible; there may be a bit of a charlatan within me.

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