My Daily Tarot – Eight of Pentacles


12/28/16 – Eight of Pentacles

You are involved in a course of study in preparation for a better future. Your disciple and drive will serve you well. Do take a moment, though, and enjoy some companionship. 

Be aware of driving yourself too hard and to the exclusion of all else. Even in the midst of heavy studies, a person needs a little rest and relaxation.

Is nothing sacred around you, Tarot? So yes, I will be doing some “courses” over the next few months, trying to hone my skills on plotting and setting development. It will be intense and I will probably lose myself in it, to the exclusion of most other things. Settings are probably my biggest weakness in my writing. I do fairly well with dialogue and creating believable characters, but putting my characters in well-described settings is just beyond me it seems. So I definitely need to work on that. I will also be training myself to plot out a novel, a complete novel of 80-150k words, not just a novella. I will be doing a scene by scene plot so that when I go to actually write the novel, it should all fall into place. I hope, anyway. I will be doing all of this on top of my usual stuff here on this blog, working on two stories (Andromeda Dreaming and Zanzibar), plus reading and reviewing books. Too much pressure? Hopefully not. All of this is supposed to be fun, right?


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