My Daily Tarot – Three of Cups


12/22/16 – Three of Cups

You are surrounded by those who give you happiness. Remember to acknowledge and appreciate them. Take time with others to celebrate the simple joys of being alive.

Be aware of ignoring the simple pleasures and not appreciating those around you. This is not a time to focus on your problems, no matter how pressing. Practice gratitude and see what happens.

Clever tarot. You’ve bugged my phone. I was on the phone last night speaking to my friend in Roanoke. The one I need to make a decision to move in with. I thought she was upset with me since I hadn’t given her an answer and of course, I’ve been playing that avoidance game with her over it. However, last night, we spoke about getting together tomorrow, having lunch and a drive to a site that just may become a setting in a new Rayne Fallon story. I need to release that pressure valve and just be with her a while. We’ve been friends for decades. I am tired of allowing this decision to muddy the waters between us. I love her and I miss her and I damn well appreciate our friendship. So I will take that time to be with her and enjoy her company tomorrow. If we discuss the moving in, that’s fine. If the topic never comes up, that will be fine too. I just need to show her how happy and grateful I am that she has remained my friend regardless of my craziness.

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