My Daily Tarot – Knight of Wands


12/21/16 – Knight of Wands

Your passion is moving you ahead very quickly. Whatever you are facing, you are very excited about it. You have no fear, although you are certainly feeling a heady adrenaline rush. You are ready for a grand adventure. If one doesn’t come to you, You will go out and find it. 

Be aware of recklessness. Remember, ‘Fools–and the Knight of Wands–rush in where angels fear to trend.’ Just be careful.

Unfortunately, my passion–writing–is almost always in high gear (unless I am medicated) and propels me forward at a fast pace. I say unfortunately because I know how I would end up if I just went along with the swift, wild ride of my imaginings–depressed and medicated again, and then there would be no more writing for a while. I am attempting to learn patience and pacing when it comes to my writing. I also want to work on my characters and settings more. I’ve decided to try plotting and outlining for one of my next writing projects. I will begin the P&O in January so that by the time I get ready for the actually story later in the year, I will have had a lot of time to muse about the story. I just hope that won’t stale the spontaneity of my writing style.

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