Dear WordPress

You’ve done it again, WordPress – fixed some things that were NOT broken. For the love of me, I cannot figure out why you do that. I liked having my media and contact buttons SEPARATE and not clumped together under a + sign. I loved being on my blog with the dashboard running across the top and being able to click on My Sites, having the drop-down box and being able to chose one of my other blogs’ homepage. Now I am sent to a page where I have to chose a blog and get sent to the Edit page instead of my actual blog.

WHY? WordPress why? Why do you always fuck with things that work perfectly fine? You are not making my life easier or hipper. You are actually making it HARDER! Stop it. Please, just stop making customized changes that only benefit YOU. Next time you want to play the omnipotent one and make changes, why not stop and be democratic about it and ask your customers? It would be so easy to do under a Daily Post. Hmmmm?

A pissed-off customer

6 thoughts on “Dear WordPress

  1. Hey Lori… Are you looking for the Admin drop down menu? They moved the button for it clear down to the bottom of the list of that new one that comes up. I’ve going in to post in the old dashboard using (I hate the new editor they introduced last year), but then yesterday I found the WPAdmin button clear down at the bottom of that screen. Mine goes down the side instead of across the top, though, so I don’t know what yours looks like…

    • I can still get to the old Admin page. What I was referring to is that at the top of my blog, I have a banner that has on the left My Sites and Reader. Then on the right it has Write, my logo in a circle and my alert bell for comments. At the left, under My Sites, if I hovered over it, it would drop down a menu and one of the features was Switch Sites and I could chose one of my other blogs and go there instead of to the dashboard to do it editing or create a new blog. Now, it goes straight to stats page if I click on it with the option to switch sites which of course goes to the stats page of that blog. It just sucks because it was so simple to view the home pages of my other blogs without going through the stats or edit page to see my actual blog. Does any of that make sense?

      • I just use the web version. I don’t know why they have to keep fartin’ around with things that aren’t broken. It’s like if they don’t change it up every four months or so they’re keeping up with the market! I bought myself Word Press for Beginners 2017 for Christmas. It has LOTS of screen shots in it!

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