Notice – Time Away

Dear readers, I will be taking Dec 24-26 off to be with family and friends. I am not going to schedule ahead posts for those days because frankly, I am a bit exhausted at the moment. I will still do all of my posts (My Daily Tarot, The Daily Me, and The Sandbox challenges) for the next two days, but there will be none those three days. All will resume again on the 27th.

As some know, today is actually my December holiday – Winter Solstice known as Yule – and I am spending it alone, just messing around on the computer. It’s not much fun celebrating alone, as no one else around me recognizes Winter Solstice as a holiday. As I’ve already scheduled the remaining two days’ posts, this is the last actual post I will be making until the 27th, so….

To my Pagan friends, Best Wishes for a lovely, festive Yule.

For my Jewish friends, Happy Chanukah

For my Christian friends, Merry Christmas

For all others, whatever festive day you celebrate around the world this December, my dear friends, may it be filled with love, laughter, friendship, and family. 


Dear WordPress

You’ve done it again, WordPress – fixed some things that were NOT broken. For the love of me, I cannot figure out why you do that. I liked having my media and contact buttons SEPARATE and not clumped together under a + sign. I loved being on my blog with the dashboard running across the top and being able to click on My Sites, having the drop-down box and being able to chose one of my other blogs’ homepage. Now I am sent to a page where I have to chose a blog and get sent to the Edit page instead of my actual blog.

WHY? WordPress why? Why do you always fuck with things that work perfectly fine? You are not making my life easier or hipper. You are actually making it HARDER! Stop it. Please, just stop making customized changes that only benefit YOU. Next time you want to play the omnipotent one and make changes, why not stop and be democratic about it and ask your customers? It would be so easy to do under a Daily Post. Hmmmm?

A pissed-off customer

The Sandbox Writing Challenge #69 — What I want to be when I grow up – again!

This prompt from Calen comes from Self-Discovery Journal. A little creative imagining just before Christmas.


If you were to be reborn again,
what would you like to be reborn as?

This should come as no surprise to some of my readers here. A raven. To me, they are such majestic birds, with their blue-black coloring, their intoxicating caws, and how devoted they are to one another. I would love to experience that kind of loyalty. I get transfixed if I see or hear a raven. The affinity I have with them leads me to believe if I were reborn here on Earth, it would definitely be as a raven. Unless the Universe really is a cruel jokester. I wouldn’t care that I’d have to eat roadkill and toss-outs. I would be free to soar and search out my dinner. It would be a perfect life.

The Daily Me (Journal) Change – 12/21/16

Today’s prompt comes from 100 Inspirational Journal Prompts by Melissa Bolton @ The Mogul Mom

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?

My body. Seriously. I am 5’5, large-boned, built like a linebacker on top, with broad shoulders and a protruding belly. The bottom half is thin and flabby. I’ve lost most of my muscle mass since the neuropathy in my feet. It’s difficult to walk much these days, even back and forth in the house. So I do a lot of sitting. Makes for a flat arse and a larger belly too. Sucks so badly. I’ve always been overweight, but never this skewed of a body. I would love to be one consistent shape, preferably lean and toned.

My Daily Tarot – Knight of Wands


12/21/16 – Knight of Wands

Your passion is moving you ahead very quickly. Whatever you are facing, you are very excited about it. You have no fear, although you are certainly feeling a heady adrenaline rush. You are ready for a grand adventure. If one doesn’t come to you, You will go out and find it. 

Be aware of recklessness. Remember, ‘Fools–and the Knight of Wands–rush in where angels fear to trend.’ Just be careful.

Unfortunately, my passion–writing–is almost always in high gear (unless I am medicated) and propels me forward at a fast pace. I say unfortunately because I know how I would end up if I just went along with the swift, wild ride of my imaginings–depressed and medicated again, and then there would be no more writing for a while. I am attempting to learn patience and pacing when it comes to my writing. I also want to work on my characters and settings more. I’ve decided to try plotting and outlining for one of my next writing projects. I will begin the P&O in January so that by the time I get ready for the actually story later in the year, I will have had a lot of time to muse about the story. I just hope that won’t stale the spontaneity of my writing style.