My Daily Tarot – Five of Wands


12/20/16 – Five of Wands

You are in a competitive situation. See it for what it is: an opportunity to grow and help others to grow. Although competing with others, you are really in competition with yourself. Do your best, for your own good and for the good of others.

Be aware of inappropriate motivations. Compete with an eye to improving yourself and society, not to hurt or destroy someone else. Play by the rules. Have confidence in yourself and do not seek an unfair advantage by cheating.

Sly, tarot. Now you are reading my emails? I just signed up for two competitions to begin on January 1st. A weight loss motivation/competition and a writing competition. Neither one is about who wins or who loses. So I don’t feel weird competing in them. Both are merely to help me keep accountable about my goals toward weight loss and improving my writing skills. I understand the caution not to hurt or destroy someone. As a recovered Bulimic, I know all too well how addictive weight loss can be, especially when you have others encouraging you to lose weight. I also know how easy it would be to fall back into that binge/purge scenario as a cheat. I definitely need to keep myself in check and follow the rules.


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