The Sandbox Writing Challenge #5 — What Makes You Different?

Still working my way through Calen’s challenge based on Roberta Allen’s The Playful Way to Knowing Yourself


What it is about you that you feel makes you different from everybody else? 

It would be easier to list the things I have in common with everyone else, but even that wouldn’t be an accurate list. Yes, I have a human body, but I have an alien soul. See what I mean?

I guess the things that make me different are:

I care more about Humanity and Earth than I do about myself. It is, after all, my mission here. (Note: if you’ve never heard about Blue Flames, Indigos or Crystal Children, now would be a good time to look them up.) I try to involve myself in as many humanitarian and environmental issues as possible, in the small ways I am able.

I am an empath. I feel others’ pain and often get ill when I am around someone who is hurting deeply. I also feel the Earth’s pain and get ill any time there is a major Earth catastrophe, like earthquakes, volcanic activity, hurricanes, etc. I do have to be within a 1000 mile range of the activity though to feel the complete impact of it. When Katrina hit New Orleans, I was living in OK and I was sick in bed for over a week. It took me years to understand this connection with earth catastrophes and my illnesses. Lots of research and plotting out the patterns. I’ve felt a bit ill the past couple of days since that 7.9 earthquake in Papua New Guinea on the 17th, followed by a 6.3 later that day and then a 6.4 in Brazil yesterday. When I say ill, generally I get a wonky, unbalanced feeling in my head, my stomach aches and I usually end up in bed from it. There’s just no way I can function correctly.

Like most people, I have normal, sometimes bizarre dreams. However, the majority of my dreams are about a crystal city  on a small planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. That is home.

Those are the more unusual ways that I am different from most people. I am also a computer nerd, a science fiction geek, an introvert, and a solemn, quiet person. Those things are not beyond the norm though. There are millions of us out there like that. I think it would surprise people to know that there are thousands upon thousands of Blue Flames, Indigos and Crystal Children out there and probably just as many empaths. I am not sure about Walk-ins though. There are probably more of us out there than people would guess too. But a Blue Flame empathic walk-in? I am not sure there are that many of us. For all I know, I may be the only one.





12 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge #5 — What Makes You Different?

    • You may not find much info on it. We are those born in the 50s-mid 60s, before the Indigos began to arrive in the late 60s.sometimes referred to as Violet or Blue Flames. I’ve only met one other BF and we’ve both searched the net for info on who we are. We do know that we were sent here to clear the way and make an understanding for Indigos and Crystals.

      • That’s what me and the other BF think, but we haven’t been able to find others to verify it. We came together in a FB talking about St. Germain. We compared our experiences, and found too many similarities. We use the term Blue Flame instead of Violet Flame just in case what we suspect is not actually so (that we are linked to the service of St Germain). We don’t want to take over a symbol of his work with our own if there is no true connection. Ya know?

  1. That was an interesting post! I can see I’ll have to do some follow-up reading. That’s some pretty heavy stuff there. So out of idle curiosity, do you ever just get silly and cut up? Is there ever a time when your spirit feels lighter?

    • I only get silly and cut up when I am high on weed, which hasn’t been for over a decade now. Not sure my spirit ever feels light. I carry too heavy a burden. This is usually the stuff that I skirt around because yes, it is some heavy stuff.

      • I go for walks when the weather is nice and not too hot or cold, sit out on the front porch nearly every day, and go shopping two-three times a month. There is very little to do in my small town and my two friends both live a good distance away from me.

      • No bookshops. No coffee shops. There are a couple eateries, but they are rowdy. We do have a small library and I sometimes go there with a notebook and sit and write. We have a couple parks and I walk to them sometimes to sit and sketch.

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