My Daily Tarot – Five of Pentacles


12/19/16 – Five of Pentacles

You are in need. Help is nearby. Do not be dissuaded even if the building, organization, or person seems imposing. Ask for the help you need.

Be aware of making your need larger than it is. Learn what resources are available to help you help yourself.

Interesting. Something I haven’t thought about for a while. I was told a few months back that there are probably other programs out there that could help me with my disability, but at the time, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that route. I believe in only seeking help when I direly need it, otherwise, leaving it out there for those who need it desperately. I may have to rethink this, especially any government assistance as that could go away completely under a Trump presidency. I heard recently that Trump and the Republican congress wants to cut Social Security payments in half for anyone under a certain age. It was in the high 60s, can’t recall now. But if they do, that will affect me. I just barely live off of the amount I receive now. I don’t think I could manage at all with only a little over $300. *sighs* And I get so sick of them calling SS an entitlement program, at least by their definition of entitlement. I paid into it. Does that mean I am entitled to it? Hell yes! But not the way they see it.

*climbs off her soap box*

FYI – I wasn’t around yesterday because we had a family emergency. Wouldn’t ya know it. The one time I hadn’t schedule any of my posts ahead was the one time I needed to. Miss you all!

2 thoughts on “My Daily Tarot – Five of Pentacles

    • Thanks, Raili. It is. My great-niece fell while doing a cheerleading pyramid (she was on top) and broke her leg, but now she has a shinny neon pink cast and is getting tons of signatures on it, so she is happy. She wouldn’t let me leave her side all day yesterday. It felt great to be wanted 🙂

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