My Daily Tarot – Eight of Cups


12/15/16 – Eight of Cups

You have dallied with desires and fancies that kept you distracted from your path, from doing what you know you must. It is time to turn away from this shallow comfort and forge ahead.

Be aware of being misled by the moon. Do not mistake a desire to run from mistakes for a call from your soul. If the cups here represent a mess in your life, maybe you are meant to stay and clean it up.

I am beginning to notice a pattern here with my readings. They all seem to be centered around a path I must travel or decisions I need to make. My only path, or passion, has been writing. It is the only thing I’ve ever seriously wanted to do with my life. There is also my love of reading and researching. I am just naturally curious.

I am wondering though if I have been putting off taking that next step – publishing my work. And if this is why I am getting these types of cards. I have two issues with publishing. One, it is difficult to get a major book deal. The chances are so slim and I do not feel that I am a seasoned enough writer to even attempt it. And two, if I were to self-publish, I wouldn’t make nearly enough to sustain my life and it could cause me to lose my disability which does sustain my life.

I don’t think I am allowing desires and fancies to deter me though. I guess I need to mull this one over more in my head.

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