Creative Question 24 – Ideal Society


CQ 24 – What would your ‘ideal’ society look like?

My ideal society would be a place built on mutual respect, kindness, love and honor. A place where mankind lives in a symbiotic relationship with nature, like homes built like hobbit houses, lush gardens, lots of trees, clean waterways, and wind farms for electricity. A place where animals are free to roam and not fear humans. It would be a place where everyone helps to take care of everyone else, seeing that all of our needs are met collectively. No selfishness, mean-spiritedness, or discourse. It would be a place of skilled workers and artisans, where each does work that benefits others and in return benefits themselves as well. There would be no politics, no money and definitely no ONE person in charge. A council of elders would guide, not rule. And every man, woman and child would be equal. I would also leave out organized religion and replace it with a simple spirituality, a belief that we are all ONE, with each other and the earth. There would be no need of a military, a government, nor warfare. Peace and tranquility for all.

Of course, this is all a pipe dream because humans ARE selfish, demanding and jealous. Humans are a ‘me first’ species. They don’t care about human, animal or environmental welfare. So long as ‘I’ get what ‘I’ want, to hell with anything else. And this human collective will eventually destroy itself for its selfishness and waste.

(I think this is the last CQ for now, but it was fun catching up *smiles*)

4 thoughts on “Creative Question 24 – Ideal Society

  1. I want to live in your society! Sounds more like how our world might have been maybe 200 years ago … And then came industrialization with its material aspect and broke up communities and families …. Ah for the good old days. Thanks for joining in Lori, will write another question soon.

    • Yeah, I’d like to think we once lived this way.. then ppl realized they could make a profit off of everything and bankers stepped in and then corporations became people and well.. it all went bust for society.
      My pleasure, Kate.. I love your questions and look forward to a new one 🙂

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