Creative Question 23 – Wealth


CQ 23 – What does wealth mean to you?

In regards to monetary wealth and material things, very little. So long as I can take care of my basics – food, shelter, clothing, and warmth – I don’t have much use for money. I am not materialist. I don’t necessarily want or need things, unless those things are books, candles, crystals and bracelets, my only weaknesses. I don’t have to buy the latest gadgets, spend money on jewels, or jet-set around the world. If I had money, I’d probably give the majority of it away to worthy charities.

I measure wealth by quality, rather than quantity. So long as I have a few close friends and am surrounded by a few caring family members, I consider myself wealthy in love and respect. Love, respect and honor are riches I would gladly accumulate, so long as they are genuine.


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