Inspired! – 11/26/16 #NaBloPoMo #CheerPeppers

For today’s Inspired! I came across this poem and found it inspirational. Thought you all might too:

Why Not You

Poet: , © 2012

Growing up we are told many things,
One being, you can do anything.
But somewhere between child and adult,
Things change and we no longer sing.

Life takes on a whole different meaning,
From what we may have first believed.
We all get so caught up in what life expects,
And forget what we all could achieve.

Whoever told you, you weren’t allow,
To follow all of your dreams?
Was it someone who took away your dream,
Or was it you who was afraid of your schemes.

Whatever the reason, I now must ask,
Why not you, don’t you think
It’s time for you to take control of your life,
So you’ll be happy to look back with no regret.

Found here:

How does this poem make you feel, dear readers? Do you ever ask yourself what happened to your dreams? Or are you living them? Let’s discuss it in comments.

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