Thoughts on Being an Intellectual Snob

I admit it freely. I am an intellectual snob. As I sit in my room listening to programs like Democracy Now! and watching historical documentaries on Netflix, I have to wear my earphones and turn the volume up full blast. Why? My father prefers programs like The Jerry Springer Show and wrestling where people do and say outrageous things just to get attention and their five minutes of fame, and since he is hearing-impaired, he turns the volume up as high as it will go (the kitchen, where he watches tv, and my bedroom are on the same floor level). My father (and my brother) find these programs entertaining,  and laugh and joke about the stupidity of it all. Personally, I find it vulgar and distasteful and see no entertainment value from it at all.

This just further emboldens me to ponder how I ended up in this family. Was I adopted? No. Switched at birth? Not possible. The family resemblance is remarkable. Somehow, my brain became attracted to facts, figures and boring details. I think the section of my brain where humor dwells is damaged. Well, maybe not entirely. I love wit, satire and intellectual jokes. Actually, I love math jokes the most.

Hahahaha.. they kill me, they really do. Anyway, just needed to rant a bit as I was finding it impossible to hear Democracy Now! with the sound of people screaming and bleeping every  few second coming from the kitchen. Lucky for you, my readers… or perhaps not.

12 thoughts on “Thoughts on Being an Intellectual Snob

  1. ‘X was always 10’ Love it! My wife and I each have Sennheise wireless headsets. Never an issue when we want to listen to different things.
    My father-in-law suffers from significantly diminished hearing. Each time he visits, he uses one of the headsets so he can have the volume as high as he needs it, while we enjoy normal volume levels.

    • Hmmm, would that require a smart tv to be able to use those headsets? We still have the old ancient tv sets here. It would be wonderful though if he wore the headset instead of me for a change.. lol

      • We have a complex system in the lounge, I’m afraid. The sound is taken from the satellite feed (no cable out here in the countryside) and played through an aging but still working sound system; the TV volume being muted. When Clare’s Dad comes, the YV volume is pumped up, and he takes the headset feed directly from the TV (which, as you know, mutes the TV sound anyway) .

    • yeah, it might be better if I actually had walls and a door to close, but my bedroom is what used to be the living room and there is a HUGE open space that I have blocked off with long black curtains. It gives me privacy, but does nothing to curb the noise.

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