The Daily Me (Journal) Style – 11/19/2016

Since I’ve caught up with Calen’s The Sandbox Writing Challenge, I thought I would find some other journal writing prompts. I came across these 100 Inspirational Journal Prompts by Melissa Bolton @ The Mogul Mom to continue exploring the inner me. I will still be doing Calen’s challenge on Tuesdays. So without further ado, on with today’s prompt

Define your personal style

I’m not really sure I have a personal style. I like comfy, nothing tight or itchy or bulky. I prefer natural materials like cotton, silk and rayon. They breathe. I will wear other materials, but only for short periods of time. Most of my clothes are black, burgundy and deep purple. I like crushed velvet and have several tops, skirts and dresses in various colors with some beautiful stitchery on them. I wear those for special occasions. I run around in silk pajamas most of the time and have several long silk robes that I will wear over top of the pjs. I have several rayon tops and pants, some cotton flared pants, crocheted shirts that I wear camisoles under, and old sweaters, t-shirts and jeans from years ago that I still wear. I prefer flats, boots, sandals or bare feet. I no longer dye my hair (I used to keep it burgundy, but it has gone back to a dirty blonde now) or wear make-up. I do paint my nails, usually black, frosty brown or a deep red. I also wear a lot of bracelets, generally cheap beaded ones. I have one silver celtic knot ring that I wear and a necklace of a half-moon with a hematite stone in it. I guess I am a bit of a hippie, a little witchy/vampy, and a bit medieval in my style.

10 thoughts on “The Daily Me (Journal) Style – 11/19/2016

  1. Personal style? What’s that? I have (mainly) four pairs of jeans and a dozen t-shirts that are my standard fair. A couple nice blouses fr church — but I usually wear jeans there, too. Jeans are wonderful!!! But if you peek in my closet in the spare room, it’s FULL of all kinds of fancy garb to wear to dinner on cruises! Yes, I have a hidden side. 😀 I like your boho type style!

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