The Sandbox Writing Challenge #60 — Who AM I?

On Oct 18th, Calen switched things up again for the challenge. Her questions now come from a book titled Self Discovery Journal – 121 Thought Provoking Questions by Shalu  Sharma. This should be fun (I hope).


Describe yourself in five WORDS or SENTENCES.

Five words? Never! Let’s go with sentences…

I am quirky and obtuse, not quite round or square, with edges and ridges poking out in odd places that often trip people up when they first meet me.

Because of my mental illnesses, I am literally a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma flailing to be set loose.

I am dark, twisted, and fueled by heavy metal seeking light, rainbows and celestial cords.

I am words braying to be set free and splotched upon the world, raining down inky tar upon the unsuspected hearts and minds of readers.

And finally, I AM – a being of unique birth and circumstance, led here by star seeds, sealed by contract, as are we all.


9 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge #60 — Who AM I?

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