6 thoughts on “Inspired! – 11/10/16 #NaBloPoMo #CheerPeppers

  1. Well, I had to think about this. I think I’m normally the candle but in my days that I’m not quiet as perky I let my mirror do the shinning. I do believe my mirror is cracked too. And my candle can be just a bitty vota candle some days too. Lol hope that makes sense.

  2. I will start by answering this myself. On any given day, I can be the candle or the mirror. Sometimes I am able to spread light, wisdom and hope. Unfortunately, my candles aren’t always the brightest and snuff out too soon to help others – especially myself. Other days, I merely reflect the light that others’ candles are giving off. This usually happens when in my own dark despair, I am searching for some source of light that will uplift me and when I find it, I will share it with others. Traditionally though, I am not a candle. I don’t have the make-up to be a beacon of hope on my own. I am generally the mirror, reflecting light where I can find it, no matter how faint.

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