The Sandbox Writing Challenge #54 — A New Me!

On September 6, Calen moved on to questions inspired by a post Raili made on her blog:

I turned my mind to this with the help of the Mythic Oracle cards. No 18, Poseidon the earth shaker turned up. Interesting. “old structures that are no longer useful to you are breaking down and a new knowledge is removing the foundations on which you’ve built your current place in life… truth is the old foundations no longer serve you… a new land will be revealed in time… This is a time of clearing – the old house has burned to the ground and it is time to build a new one. … this is an incredibly exciting time full of new opportunities and possibilities. Enjoy it. Ride the waves into a new phase of your life.” Prompt: A new me.

And now for Calen’s questions:


What are the endings and beginnings needed
for your “new me” to be birthed?

Describe the qualities, attributes, and beliefs of a “new me”.

Wow, it’s a good thing I’ve given myself a good deal of time to answer these questions today. They will take some thought.

My first instinct is to rebel against the very thought that I need to be a ‘new me’. How dare anyone suggest that the ME I am now isn’t worthy and needs to be changed! Yeah, that is how questions like that make me feel because throughout my life people have been trying to get me to change. The reality though is that if we aren’t changing, we are stagnated. So I know I need to make some changes in my life on a consistent basis.

Ending – stop planning out every minute of my life
Beginning – realize that I am not a robot and leave room for some spontaneity

Ending – isolating myself
Beginning – find one or two local activities that I can become involved in

Ending – being so caught up in the world news which heightens my anxiety and depression and prevents me from doing meaningful things
Beginning – practice Mindfulness and meditation daily

Baby steps, right?

This ‘new me’ will be more open, outgoing and spontaneous. I will be more Mindful of others around me, more compassionate, understanding and empathic. I will seek those things that inspire me and bring me joy. I will be more creative – art and writing.

Well, that only took an hour to think through and put down in a coherent post.

Inspired! – 11/08/16 #NaBloPoMo #CheerPeppers

It’s election day here in the US. Today, I hope people choose Love over Hate. To commend this day, I give you another Bette Midler song, this time a duet with the beautiful Wynonna Judd

The Rose

Does this song inspire you to choose love over hate each day in your life, dear readers? Let’s discuss it in comments.

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