Why Am I Screaming Expletives?

It goes something like  – sh*t, d*mn, f*ck, f*ckity f*ck f*ck f*ck. Why? My face is warm and my ears are red, I am getting incredibly weak and tired, and my taste buds have changed into something resembling gritty, bland oatmeal. What does this mean and why am I so upset about it?

Well, it is only TWO days into my return to daily writing – here on this blog and on A Whispered Wind where I am writing a novel via NaNoWriMo. And guess what those above symptoms mean? I. Have. A. Cold!

Yes, dear readers. I am sick, or at least on the verge of being sick. At 50, you just know what these kind of symptoms mean, especially since chemo 4 years ago wiped out my immune system and I get 3-4 colds per year. Usually during a climate change. Like now. It doesn’t matter how much Vitamin C I take (daily) or how much echinacea I take (almost daily), I still get sick.

I promise you, I will fight this tooth and nail so that it will  not interrupt my daily postings. It has been far too long (June), since I have done any dailies and I really, truly want to be doing this now. So, I will rest when I can. Schedule posts ahead of time when I can. And still try to do this. Muddling through.

What Do You Wish For Those Who Offend You? 

Beautiful, inspiring and definitely needed.
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Joseyphina's World

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We keep saying and hearing the popular phrase, “Ifwisheswerehorses, beggarswouldberiders.” We usually assume that our wishes are mere thoughts with no effects if not backed with action. But what if we are wrong? What if our wishes (the bad ones) that we voiced out actually happened? Would we feel happy about the outcome?

I’m sure almost everyone is guilty of entertaining some bad wishes in their heads for the people who have offended us. We barely expect them to come true; but it does help us feel better to wish them ill for a while as if that would be an exact payback for the hurt they caused us.

They say revenge is a meal best served cold. And everyone on a revenge mission should dig two graves. No amount of revenge can fully fill in the grief…

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The Sandbox Writing Challenge #49 — Floaties!

Another day, another challenge from Calen. This one is from July 26 and it’s a bit different from previous questions. I will endeavor to answer it though.


Imagine yourself floating among these clouds in harmony with everyone and everything. What can you do to make that happen?

It is a lovely, Utopian thought. I’d like to see this on Earth instead of floating in the clouds, but I guess that is a bit much to ask for these days. So, what can I do to make this happen, to become a reality? Good question, but I am not sure I have a good answer. I guess it begins with respect – for people and animals. Throw in some honor and love, maybe a bit of genuine compassion and empathy. Sounds like I am making a brew of some kind. If so, I guess everyone would need to drink some of it before we can float off into harmonic bliss. Just call me the bartender. Step right up and get a glass of Pure Bliss and you too can drift away. 

I will admit, it is a great form of visualization. Beneficial for critics, cynics, and the depressed. A form of escapism that so many of us desperately need these days.