November Happenings

The last few months have been riddled with anxiety for me. I made the mistake of following the current political climate here in the US and it has worn me down mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Sorry for the graphics, but I feel like someone has skinned me and poured gasoline on my open wounds. Yes, it has been that bad. I desperately need some love, light, laughter and joy back in my life.

So, beginning tomorrow, for the entire month of November, I will be doing a spiritual reboot, which I am calling Inspired!Β This may come in the form of a video, cartoon, picture, poem, quote or an inspirational story that I discover somewhere on the web. It is my hopes that what inspires me, may inspire you as well.

I am also going to try to catch up with Calen’s Sandbox Writing Challenge. I am way way way behind, but hopefully if I do one challenge per day, I will eventually catch up.

So, those are my plans for November here on this blog. How about you, dear readers? Do you have any month long plans on your blogs? Anyone doing NaNoWriMo? I’d love to hear about your plans! Drop me a comment.

16 thoughts on “November Happenings

  1. Oh sweetie, please don’t go clear back and try to catch up. You don’t need that stress. We just started a new book and are getting a feel for it. New post goes up tomorrow. Just jump in. Serious, Ms. Lori! Just come play with us. We’ve saved your corner in the Sandbox! {{{Lori}}} No stress, girlfriend. ❀

  2. I’ll be doing the National Blog Posting Month – also called Nano Poblano, and NaBloPoMo. We post at least once every day, anything of our choosing. Wishing you a peaceful November.

      • This is my third year, I believe. I always start strong then fizzle as the month continues. Haha! But I still enjoy doing it every year. I usually wing-it! I want to try hard this year to meet people at the write-ins. I have a couple issues that are keeping me from continuing with my books and would like to hear what others have to say.

      • Ah.. I’ve tried two years in a row and something always came up to prevent me from finishing. Going to try again this year, but I didn’t sign up at the website. Didn’t want a record with a third fail on it.. lol Good luck with yours this year and I hope you get your questions answered!

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