Family and Politics

I think I’ve said it before, but will repeat it: my family is filled with right-wing, ultra-conservative, rednecks. I think I am the only progressive, bleeding-heart liberal in the whole lot of ’em. And it has become even more evident during this political election cycle. I am currently “at war” with these family members on Facebook. Yes, I post left-leaning articles and posts on my Facebook timeline. Yes, I am extremely anti-Trump. I am not pushing my agenda on anyone (i.e. I don’t go to their posts and scream and berate them for their right-wing, Trump-loving posts), but they delight in coming to my posts and spilling their hate-filled rhetoric – and I do mean FULL OF HATE. I’ve asked them to please stop, but they cannot grasp that I have the right to my opinion on MY Facebook without being harassed by them. They are family. I don’t want to have to delete them, but I am getting  close to that very action.

One of my cousins tonight called me a “nut case” because I don’t fall in line with her way of thinking. Well yes, dear cousin, I am a certified “nut case” but not because my heart is hardened and all I can spew is hate. But I would rather be a “nut case” than to just blindly believe that Trump and Trump alone will solve all of this country’s woes (and apparently in his first hour as President!) while filling people’s heads with hate, destruction, and doom.

There’s no talking to them. No amount of “please stop” seems to sink in. They think they deserve their opinions, but apparently I am not entitled to my own. If it isn’t an ultra-right opinion, then it isn’t warranted. It’s like free speech only runs in one vein with my family. But then, that is the atmosphere of this entire election cycle.

I get it. I really do. None of the candidates this year are worthy of the Presidency. Donald Trump is a misogynistic, narcissistic bigot who used to be a Democrat and still has a lot of liberal-leaning ideals (he’s just good at turning himself into whoever he needs to be at any given time – a good Con man). Hillary Clinton is a lying career politician. Gary Johnson is a pot-smoking idiot (not to be confused with my intelligent pot-smoking friends) who has no clue where Aleppo is nor can he name one foreign leader that he admires. And Jill Stein, well… I don’t know enough about her, but what I’ve seen and read rubs me the wrong way. And although I supported Bernie Sanders, even he is flawed and far too angry a man for my taste. There is not one single honorable candidate in the bunch. No one to get enthusiastic about and respect. (Oh how I wish there was a Bobby Kennedy in the bunch!) And, because of all of this, this election is ripping families apart.

And so the battle will continue with my family, probably long after November the 8th. I will never see eye to eye with the majority of them. They will probably continue to view me as a “nut case” for it. But I will say this, if it gets any worse, I will start deleting and blocking them on Facebook. It’s not as though they’ve made any effort my entire life to actually get to know me, and with their hate-filled rhetoric, I don’t want to know them.


12 thoughts on “Family and Politics

  1. Delete them and tell they why! better! The others will step forward, bullies hurt everyone and keep us from speaking – my family in mid-west is the same, hard headed to their views –> I don’t need them.

  2. You know the worst thing, imo, is that even if Trump does not get elected, the rhetoric in this country has changed because of him. People now feel free to insult anyone anywhere, just as you’re experiencing. And I sincerely doubt that this country will ever be restored to that more civil kind of social discourse.

    • You are so right, Calen. He has tapped into the darkest, dankest underbelly of society and unleashed everything hateful and despicable that once lived in the sewers of the somewhat decent people’s minds. Now all restraints are banished and the ugliest amongst us is free and walking in the sunlight, regurgitating racism, misogynistic rhetoric and bigotry. Now that this nasty beast is free, I doubt it will ever be contained again.

      • I read an article in the news feed on line today saying the NEA has recognized a big increase in the amount of bullying in the schools, and they’re hearing the kids use Trump’s name. That scares the hell out of me.

      • What this man has done to the country just during this election cycle is scary… I just cannot imagine the damage he will do if he becomes president. It all scares the hell out of me too, Calen.

  3. Hi Lori – just block them. you don’t need that in your life ! They won’t like it, but they don’t agree with what you believe anyway. It removes one avenue of attacking your values and beliefs. hang in there 🙂

  4. You have my sympathy, Lori. My son is married to an American lady, and has taken US citizenship. Based on his fb posts, the shade of his neck would make a beetroot feel inadequate, but I guess living in Florida with a, shall we say, right-leaning family can do that to a guy.
    For myself, having seen, read and heard all sorts, up to and including the first televised debate; I simply cannot understand how anyone could possibly see Trump in the Oval Office.

    • Thanks, Keith and you have my sympathies as well. It makes no sense to me either, but even my extreme Christian family are voting for this man. I just don’t understand it either. *sighs*

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