The Sandbox Writing Challenge #44 — Lighting Up Your World

Another catch-up post, this time for June 21st. Calen has given me a lot to consider with this question:

light-bulb-technology-and-business-by-prophotostock-d7114sxWhat inspires you?

These days, I can’t seem to find inspiration anywhere. It takes me hours to even write journal posts here or in my paper journal. My mind is just too foggy. I have no light-bulb moments, no sparks, no ah-has. The creative side of me is just silent. A deafening silence. When you are accustomed to hearing three distinctive voices in your head giving you inspiration and then they are silenced through medication, it’s almost like being deaf and blind. Everything I do hear or see is bland, dull, monotone. Not even my glorious mountains inspire me these days. Instead of writing or drawing all day, every day, I spend my time binging on Netflix, but even watching my favorite scifi shows doesn’t spark anything within me. I no longer watch as a writer, but now merely to entertain my fogged mind. I keep being assured that this brain-drain won’t be permanent, but I remember how long it took me the last time this happened to recover, and recovery only came once I stopped the medication. I was medicated for 5 years and it took nearly two years un-medicated to get back to my true creative self. So as I struggle with my dilemma of whether to remain medicated or not, I guess I will go back to my deafening silence as I am mentally exhausted just from these two short posts I’ve written tonight.


8 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge #44 — Lighting Up Your World

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  2. Have you heard of Lynda Barry? She does comic books, but they are on the serious side. She has some great books that help you pull out ideas for writing. She helps you remember interesting things that happened in your childhood. You can probably find them in your local library. What It Is is one of her books that has good exercises in it.

    • I hadn’t heard of her, but since you mentioned her, I have looked her work up and have a couple of her books on hold on Amazon to purchase when funds are available. Thank you, Kimberly!

  3. How about just considered this time out as a much-needed “well-refilling” time. You may not be registering a lot of stuff on the old creative meter, but you’re storing up a lot of ideas for poems and stores down the road. Maybe try not to see it all as a waste. You probably have little tiny sparks of ideas now and then or things that spark your interest. How about just making a list of possible posts for later? Hang in there, girlfriend! {{{Lori}}}

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