Back Again – Maybe? Hopefully?

It feels strange to be here again after my long absence. Almost like being an intruder on my own blog. I am not ready yet to get back to writing creatively, but I thought that perhaps I might be up to doing some kind of journal writing. I’ve mostly enjoyed doing The Sandbox Challenge, the Friendship Challenge and the Creative Questions, so I will be catching up on those in the upcoming days as I feel up to writing.

This will be slow-going as my mind is so heavily sedated these days. Unfortunately, this is one of the side-effects of psych meds for me and why I have fought for so long not to take them. I lost that battle recently and am back on the meds. Due to the medication, the voices of my muses are not only muffled, but… well, the only way to describe the feeling is that they are on the other side of a wormhole that I cannot get through. Every time I try to cross that threshold, the wormhole collapses. It isn’t merely fog. It’s a universe away. That probably makes little sense to most people, but it is the only way I can describe it.

So, in the upcoming days, I will be doing some journal writing and trying to salvage my mind. Perhaps just writing something, anything again will bridge the gap I need to get back into creative writing.

18 thoughts on “Back Again – Maybe? Hopefully?

  1. Sorry you’ve been having such a difficult time. It’s great to see that you’re making your way back. Slow and easy, one day at a time, keep moving forward. Good luck with the journaling. I hope it helps bring you to where you want to be.

  2. I’ve wondered where you have been. Sorry to hear you have been in a fog of late but good to see you here now. Take care and do what you can when you feel up to it.

  3. Creating is such an on again/off again thing for me. It sounds like it might be that way for you, too, during this time. Well that’s ok. You do what you can, and when you can’t, you don’t. Simple as that! Hugs, Lori. ❤

  4. ((((((((Hugs)))))))) Loriiiiiiii 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    It’s wonderful to ‘see’ you….know that I’m with you in spirit as you embarked on this part of your journey xoxoxo

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