The Sandbox Writing Challenge #41 — What in the World???

Still behind? You betcha, but I am fighting to catch up. This week, Calen offers an unique question for us to ponder over and one that I have given a lot of consideration to:

29310219-Asia-Southeast-Indonesia-Bali-Island-Central-Bali-Tegalalang-rice-terraces-work-work-economy-agricul-Stock-PhotoWhat other worlds entice you?

I absolutely love this question, so why has it taken me so long to write about it? Well, I don’t know. I read it on Tuesday and have been pondering over it now for a couple of days. I can honestly say that I don’t want to know any other worlds where too much chaos or extreme noise is prevalent. So no big cities or loud clubs for me. I prefer quiet, peaceful and serene settings, darkness and sometimes the light. Anywhere I can find that tranquil mindset. So I guess rural settings, the mountains and seascapes entice me the most.

However, this morning, something caught my eye – a small winged insect strolled across my desk. It just meandered there in the open space for a few moments and then when it came across something foreign to it (an object on the desk), it stopped, put out its antenna and “felt” around before approaching it. I sat and watched this creature for quite a while. I was transfixed by its caution and then delighted as it hurried toward the object, climbed upon it and went on about its merry way. It reminded me of how curious and fascinated I’ve always been with the insect world. I’ve often wondered what insects think of us humans, if they think of us at all. They just seem intent on going and doing wherever or whatever they’ve set their minds to go and do without thought to what may be in their way. When they approach an obstacle, they find away to tackle it – by going around, over it or taking another path. It also reminded me that we humans think too much instead of just doing. So yes, the insect world definitely entices me. It also gives me a lot of pleasure just watching bugs crawl or fly around.

8 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge #41 — What in the World???

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  2. I see Linda sent you a lot of bugs!!! Awesome. I would too if I knew how to do it 🙂 I think it would be pretty awesome to be maybe a bee collecting honey – get to travel a lot and taste yummy stuff. I hadn’t caught up on this week’s Sandbox yet, so yours is the first I’ve seen and found out what the theme is for this week. See, I’m running behind too. I only answered last week’s on Monday and did a double whammy linking it to my own 🙂 And, I have no plausible excuse of having been sick !

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