Creative Questions 14 – Talents


CQ14 – Have you been inspired to refresh or improve a talent recently?

One thing that I love doing is sketching with charcoal. It used to bring me great joy and I would just sketch whimsical things that popped into my mind. Charcoal can get expensive to purchase though and for a long time, I couldn’t afford art supplies. So my husband would bring me bits of charcoal from wood he’d burnt out in the backyard in his pit. This worked just as well as expensive charcoals. But since I left my husband and moved back to Virginia, I haven’t done any sketching because I’ve had no charcoal and money is definitely a lot tighter these days than before.

A few weeks ago, I was emailing with my husband and he asked if I wanted him to send me some bits of charcoal. I don’t know how he knew, but I had just been thinking about that very thing just a few days prior (he always seems to zone-in on stuff like that for some reason). So to my delight, a package arrived from him on Tuesday with a whole baggie full of bits of charcoal. I’ve been running around with blackened fingers ever since. Quite happily too. *beams*

I don’t know if this really answers Kate’s question this week, but this is a talent that I have refreshed/renewed lately… not sure I have improved on my skills though *laughs*

6 thoughts on “Creative Questions 14 – Talents

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  2. Fun! Do you do anything to the drawing once you’re done to fix the charcoal on the page? I experimented with charcoals a bit in school and it always drove me nuts how it would rub off on anything and everything it came into contact with, including itself. I had some decent figure drawings that were too big not to roll up when I finally brought them home, and now they’re a mess.

  3. That’s awesome! Would love to see some of your work. Maybe you can take photos of them and use them in your posts ?

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