Circle of Friends – Week 4

Each Sunday in May, I will be joining Raili @ Soul Gifts for Circle of Friends. Hop on over and join us!

I am actually a week behind, so for last Sunday’s prompt for friendship, Raili asked us to explore our “most unique experience of friendship.” What moment, memory, experience, person comes to mind?

The most unique experience I’ve had was with my friend JK. If soulmates truly exist, she was definitely mine. From the moment I met her, two things struck me deeply about her – she was stubborn and loyal. She would prove to be the most infuriating woman I’d ever met and the only one who would take the time to really get to know and understand me. She was funny, serious, a sponge for knowledge, creative and at times, came across as a know-it-all. And I loved all of those things about her. I didn’t have to wear a mask around her. She really got me completely. She allowed me to be my introverted self while she went out and made friends with everyone she came into contact with. She knew when to be chatty with me and when to allow silence to sit comfortably between us. Of all the friends I’ve ever had, she was the one I was most at ease with. I’d like to think that we would still be friends to this day if I hadn’t lost contact with her after my move to Oklahoma. Some days I still wish she was around. I miss her closeness and companionship.

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