The Sandbox Writing Challenge #39 — Lost!

We are moving into Part 4 of this creative and soul-searching challenge. This week, Calen asks

old woods

If you were lost, what would help you find your way?

I’ve been physically, mentally and spiritually lost before. None of them were pleasant, but I have created coping skills for each. I guess I will explain a little for each one as to how I became found.

In all honesty, I have no sense of direction. I don’t know how to navigate by the stars, I have a horrible time with directions, and when told to go east, I usually go west. I don’t even know my right from my left without forcing myself to remember that I am right-handed. I have no idea why I am this way. The only way I can remember things is by landmarks and heaven help me if they disappear. So whenever I go out somewhere new, I memorize landmarks – buildings, clearings, pairs of things, etc. And then when I go back to where I came from, I take the path back the exact same way I came, making sure that I see all of the landmarks I’d memorized.

Mentally, I can get lost in my own mind castle, spending what appears to be hours there trying to find my way out again. It usually helps if I create breadcrumbs of data and then I backtrack. Truthfully, it only takes me minutes to do this, but if you were watching me, you’d think I was in some kind of trance or daydreaming. Sometimes, I have to go in and order things again because my breadcrumbs scatter data all over the place. Unfortunately, as I create order, I have to lay down more data to keep from getting lost while restoring order. It can be quite confusing. I wouldn’t wish my mind castle on my worst enemy.

Being spiritually lost is a bit different. I’ve had periods of great faith, only to lose it again. What usually gets me lost is putting too much faith in religions or institutions and sometimes people associated with them. And then I realized that I AM. This discovery has kept me from being lost ever since. To know that I AM truly Divine, a star-seed, a light being has freed me. Now I meditate and channel as a means to maintain my spiritual connection. I no longer put faith in things OUT THERE, but WITHIN.

10 Daily Currents – 05.17.16

It is Tuesday at 6:37 pm and I am currently…

1. listening: to the hum of my white noise machine, my belly grumbling

2. eating: about to have some chili

3. drinking: coffee with cream and stevia, ice water

4. wearing: black sweats, blue night gown, blue socks

5. feeling: so-so, at least I am awake

6. weather: coolish, cloudy, around 70 degrees

7. wanting: to eat

8. needing: to do more writing

9. thinking: about everything I need to finish for today and some of the things I need to do tomorrow.

10. enjoying: not freezing me arse off today

I had a thought, dear readers… if you’d like to grab these 10 Daily Currents and write your own, link back to my post so I can share along with you!