New Project

It has taken me years to dig up the courage to embark on this new project. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times people have said to me, “You should write a memoir about your life.” I still cannot imagine why. I feel like my life has been relatively boring compared to many. Still, I suppose I have a few things about my life that may interest others.

So, beginning this upcoming Monday, May 9th, I will begin writing and posting pieces of my memoir here on this blog. The working title for it will be A Delicious Torment. Topics of interest will include my mental health issues, mainly that of having Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and OCD, along with a few other issues such as my descent into madness and suicide attempts. I will also describe my life as a bisexual woman, my college days, and my marriage of 13 years. I am not sure how deep I will go into my childhood, but there will be some of that in there as well.

Hopefully, I will be able to write this without it sounding like one huge pity party. No one wants to read something like that. I haven’t yet decided if I will write it chronologically or in piecemeal. I guess it depends on how I feel each Monday. I intend to be completely honest in this project. Lies will be exposed and possibly some shocking truths will come to light.

13 thoughts on “New Project

  1. I tried to do that once for my kids. Since I didn’t know where I wanted it to end up, I didn’t know how to get there. Blah… I gave up! So good luck!!! I’ll be rooting for ya.

      • You know, that’s when I started talking to them about growing up and why I was the way I was. Maybe for me that was the best way to do it. I don’t feel driven to “reveal all” to them anymore because they know. The good, the bad, AND the ugly. LOL I made damn sure they knew their mom was no saint!!!

      • *laughs* that’s great, Calen! I am sure your kids love you for all of you! not sure why I want to write mine.. not like there’s anyone who will be reading it.. maybe just to unburden myself..

  2. That’s a very exciting and ambitious project! I wish you much luck! (I can’t even remember what I did yesterday, so I’d never be able to write a memoir. lol)

    • Thanks, Lexa. It will be a real challenge for me to because I have memory issues, but I need a record of my life before it is all completely gone. The one issue I will have is trying to remember what is real and what I’ve made up over the years to replace what I couldn’t remember. That’s where the honesty is going to come in.

  3. Wow, Lori. That’s some project. Wish you well with it. I will certainly be walking by your side throughout 🙂

  4. That’s some challenge you have set yourself, Lori. I had once thought of doing something similar, but it would be so dull, I would probably doze off in the middle of writing it – and I don’t have your courage, either.
    I will follow your story, though.

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