10 Daily Currents – 05.06.16

It is Friday at 5:43 pm and I am currently…

1. listening: to the news in the background

2. eating: nothing.. just not hungry

3. drinking: iced coffee

4. wearing: blue sweats, long black sweater, blue thick wool socks

5. feeling: a bit tired, but not so gloomy today

6. weather: cold, cloudy, about 54 degrees

7. wanting: sunshine

8. needing: to be reading some things

9. thinking: I wish the weather would warm up and stay warm for a while. So tired of this cold shit

10. enjoying: too cold to be enjoying much *sighs*

I had a thought, dear readers… if you’d like to grab these 10 Daily Currents and write your own, link back to my post so I can share along with you!

3 thoughts on “10 Daily Currents – 05.06.16

  1. Iced coffee! ❤ It's been raining here the past week and it's not supposed to be sunny until Tuesday and then it's supposed to rain the rest of the week after that… I'm seriously missing the sun!

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